What we offer:

Rank Up Faster

Let us teach you the shortcuts for a faster climb.

Prepare for Matches

Join forces with us pre-game and post-game for maximum preparation.

Match Collection

Your complete match history analyzed by our AI.

AI-Based Recommendation

We point out the missing steps to the crown with a personalized plan in hand.


All your game data served to you in a self-explanatory way. We translate it from 01’s to English.

Performance Tracking

Our journey together will have its ups and downs. It will all be recorded, stored and analyzed by our AI for future reference.

SenpAI LoL provides personalized roadmaps to summoners with its performance analysis using AI. Helping you climb the ladder with time efficient, personalized directions is what makes SenpAI LoL unique.

SenpAI Dota 2 offers detailed statistics, play-style analysis by AI, teamfight analysis and progress tracking. With the data it extracts, SenpAI gives personalized advice and guides in the most efficient way to victory.

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