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    SenpAI.GG is a VC-backed startup based in Boston, MA. SenpAI.GG develops AI solutions in gaming & esports to enrich gaming experience and accelerate the learning curve within the gaming community.

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Gaming is the future of entertainment.
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  • Gaming is the future of entertainment

    Gaming is considered the future of entertainment industry; enormous time spent on streams, the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence and the gamers' demand for exclusive data sets are only a hint of the massive impact we will be facing in the future.

  • AI is gaming’s secret weapon

    It is crucial for players, including experienced professionals, to obtain statistical, vocal and visual assistance in their self-improvement. Learning algorithms and computer vision technologies can provide the necessary tools for players to enrich their gaming experience.

  • Your personal AI Gaming Assistant

    SenpAI.GG utilizes state-of-the-art AI methods to run a deep analysis of users' playstyles, pinpointing their strengths and weaknesses. Users gain access to gameplay suggestions before heading into the game, get notifications of significant in-game events and reach personalized postgame analysis with a library of AI-generated video clips from professional matches; all tailored to their interests while maximizing their learning potential.


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