About Us

SenpAI is an artificial intelligence backed esports coach powered by FalconAI.

It inspects your games, extracts statistical information and gives advice on how you could have played better. By suggesting a new playstyle, it also shows how much this new style would improve your chance to win that game.

It also tracks your performances game by game so that you can see your improvement over time. With the performance tracking graph, you can see if you are in a slump and maybe it is time to take a little break or you are improving each day, so you should keep going.

You can see all the team fights that took place with participant statistics such as damage exchanges and gold/XP gains.

What makes SenpAI different from other esports analytics sites is the aim to give prescriptive analysis alongside other statistical inferences with a performance close to a human coach level.

Having inspected hundreds of thousands of public matches, our AI learns what it takes to win a game and tells your weaknesses and strengths. From that point, the players would know exactly what they should focus on in order to improve and climb the ladder.

FalconAI Technologies Inc.

FalconAI is a VC backed start-up developing cutting-edge AI algorithms. Based on novel artificial intelligence & machine learning technologies, the company plans to deploy a series of disruptive applications in various sectors. FalconAI Team is comprised of top AI researchers and engineers located in Boston and Istanbul.