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About Us

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SenpAI is an AI platform for high-quality gaming experience, developed by FalconAI.

SenpAI enhances gaming experience of competitive gamers and provides personalized coaching to players. It builds personal roadmaps for passionate gamers to improve their gameplay by using a diverse set of patent-pending AI technologies.

SenpAI is an AI Coach for gamers to improve their gameplay and accelerate the learning curve. SenpAI creates the AI replica of gamers based on their skill level, gameplay & characteristics. SenpAI provides actionable recommendations so that esports players can turn their weaknesses to their strengths based on the AI replica of the players. SenpAI also provides 100% personalized content including video guides and tutorials to enrich the overall gaming experience.

SenpAI Logo

FalconAI is a VC-backed startup based in Boston.

FalconAI aims to make human expertise accessible and scalable to democratize domain knowledge by developing cutting-edge AI. FalconAI Team is comprised of top AI researchers and engineers located in Boston and Istanbul.

For more information about FalconAI, please visit our website:

FalconAI Technologies, Inc.