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Best champions for beginners in League of Legends

When you’re starting to gain interest in a new MOBA game you have to familiarize yourself with a lot of things among which are the champions and their abilities. So usually the first thing that you have to decide when entering a game is which champion to pick so you can perform well and have fun while playing. This is the reason why we decided to give you a list of the best beginner champions that are easy to play especially if you’re new to the League of Legends world. 

Many new players struggle with picking a champion that is easy to play because there are as many as 130+ champions that you can choose from and the ones that are easy aren’t revealing themselves when you enter the game. Since you have such a vast number of champions to pick from it can be quite hard to decide and that’s where this post will come in handy. 

It’s very important that you already know your way around MOBA games and all of the different roles there are in one game so that you’re able to better understand this post since we’re going to break down the best beginner champions in League of Legends by roles. 

The Best Beginner Champion For The Top Lane


This is one of the basic champions of League of Legends and he’s quite easy to play because of his kit. He has a higher regeneration than other champions and even if you get damaged in the lane you can stay and regenerate faster than with some other champion. He also has a speed boost speed that allows you to close the gap between you and your opponent in case you want to go for a trade and once you hit level 6 you get an execute spell as well which will instantly kill your opponent if he’s below a certain amount of HP. If you’re stuck in elo hell and you want to start climbing up the solo queue ladder this is definitely one of the beginner champs you can pick up and dominate your lane opponent with.

Although Garen is easy to learn how to play if you’re facing a skilled opponent that picked a ranged champion in the top lane you will definitely have some issues dealing with him. If you notice that you’re taking a lot more damage in lane than usual just hang back and don’t go for trades but focus on farming minions. 

Garen perfectly fits in the current LoL meta as well although he’s been played in the bot lane as a substitution for an ad carry along with Yuumi he is still a viable pick in the top lane and absolutely one that you need to master when you’re starting out with League of Legends.

The Best Beginner Champion For The Mid Lane


Definitely the absolute best beginner champion in League of Legends for the mid lane. This champion possesses everything that a mid laner needs in order to impact the game at all stages. She has a spell to farm minions, a spell to increase her resistances, a spell to deal AoE damage, her ultimate deals massive damage and summons a bear to help you out and if you learn how to use her passive the right way you also have a significant crowd control in which you can delete the enemy in an instant. 

She’s easy to play especially because of her Q spell that refunds the mana after executing a minion which means you can use it to farm and never miss any CS. On top of everything, her range is quite long which allows you to keep a safe distance from your opponent while simultaneously applying some harassing auto attacks in between farming. 

Even later on in the game, she has great scaling, especially with ability power items. She can initiate team fights without having to put too much work into setting up the play so overall she’s the absolute best mid lane champion if you’re a beginner.

The Best Beginner Champion for The Jungle


Great beginner champion you can play in the jungle because he has a very easy and fast clear as well as an excellent sustain in case your HP drops below a certain point. He has a speed boost as well as crowd control that makes him a great ganker for you laners. Because his spell kit also has an attack speed boost his clearing of the jungle camps is also quite fast and you don’t have to do much when clearing them. He has both passive and active parts of his W which increase his damage output significantly and he’s quite tanky which means that it’s not so easy to get killed even if you get counter jungled and you get into a fight with the enemy jungler.

This champion is very useful in all points of the game because you can play him as an early game ganker and help your lanes get ahead or farm it out for a while and play him as a front line tank engager later on in the game.

The Best Beginner Champion for The AD Carry


This champion stood above all others because of her entire kit which offers a very long attack range, a trap which can stop the movement of enemies for a brief second and she also has a spell that lunges her backward while casting a net to slow enemies that are coming at her. Her ultimate is also a useful spell that allows you to deal damage to a single target from an extremely long way and it’s usually used as an execution for enemies that are low on health. 

The absolute best champion to start with if you’re a beginner LoL player because it’s easy to stay safe and deal damage from a distance. The damage she deals is also quite high and the items that are currently the strongest are aligned with what Caitlyn builds so she’s quite strong in the current LoL meta.

The Best Beginner Champion for The Support


This is a champion that is quite easy to play and master very fast. As support you need to be able to engage and hold the opponent in place for enough time so your ad carry can deal the damage. Leona has the best kit for that. She has a spell that closes the gap between you and the opponent while briefly holding them in place, she has another spell that stuns the opponent for a second and her ultimate is an AoE spell that stuns everyone hit by it. The spells are not too hard to hit since the projectiles travel quite fast which is one reason why she made our list. On top of all that she also has a spell that increases her resistances when she activates it and makes her much tankier so she can withstand the enemy’s onslaught when she goes for the engage. 

Mastering these beginner champions shouldn’t take too much time since they are very beginner-friendly and perfect for all situations. Once you’ve mastered these and started to get the hang of the game and what other champions do, you can move on to some others that are a little trickier to play and require a broader knowledge of all the champions and items in League of Legends.

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