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Senpai TLDR; League of Legends Patch Notes 10.3

The current League of Legends meta is frustrating in many ways. New season is called “Rise of the Elements” however we are witnessing “Rise of the Supports” in every role. Other than that, Akali, one of the busted assassins in the game, is a big problem in both top and mid. In this League of Legends Patch Notes 10.3, Riot addressed some of the remaining issues and focused on mostly bug fixing. Let’s dive into it;


  • Azir: Base mana stats increased, Emperor’s Divide will spawn more soldiers.
  • Corki: W will deal more damage and slow all champions directly hit by skill.
  • Ezreal: Base mana growth and attack speed growth increased.
  • Galio: Q’s tornado duration and damage ticks are increased.
  • Sejuani: She will have a bonus %10 AS on level 1. Meantime, her passive will be removed for any damage taken.
  • Yuumi: Q’s empowered damage decrease and its mana cost will be flat 90. W will not be disrupted with Silences anymore, E’s heal ratio increased.
Occasionally referred to as a “cancer champ”, Yuumi will return to the meta after patch 10.3 buffs.


Azir has seen some pro play but he is surely is not a meta champion. Buff to his base mana and ulti will make him more playable but in order to Emperor’s return, his damage needs to be increased. Current playstyle meta does allow hard-scaling champions but Azir needs more love.

To be honest, Corki buff means nothing so we are not expecting a sudden change in its popularity. The same can be said for Ezreal and Galio too. However, Sejuani and Yuumi buffs are quite interesting. Sejuani’s gifted AS in level 1 would make her meta in pro play.

Yuumi’s buff is the most problematic change in patch notes 10.3. Cute cat dominated bot lane meta for nearly 2 months and now Yuumi got all it needs. More damage and heal will make her hot meta pick for sure.


  • Akali: Q cost increased, W shroud movement speed increased and now decays. R will target champions, not direction.
  • Aphelios: Q will no longer infinite range for marked targets.
  • Diana: Base mana and W damage decreased.
  • Ekko: Passive’s damage against monsters decreased.
  • Leona: W and E damage decreased.
  • Miss Fortune: Base attack speed growth decreased.
  • Rumble: Base stats rounded, W will give less movement speed and shield.
  • Senna: Mist Wraith drops from minions decreased significantly.
  • Sett: Base health regen decreased, Haymaker’s CD and base damage decreased.
  • Sona: W’s self-movement speed decreased.
Akali nerfed
One of the most OP champions, Akali, got huge nerf in patch 10.3


Akali nerf was long overdue for sure. Her %100 pick/ban rate in worldwide pro play is terrifying. Q mana nerf will hit her quite hard. R fix is a nice addition for SoloQ players.

Aphelios’ and Leona’s nerf mean very little to their popularity. Especially Leona will remain top tier support pick because of the Stoneplate meta.

After her rework, Diana’s win rate skyrocketed instantly and tweaking some of her stats seems a correct way to balance her. On the other hand, Ekko nerf means that we will not see him in the jungle anymore. With %50 less damage to monsters, Ekko will have a hard time clearing camps and considering “jungle exp chaos” more viable pick will have more priority over him.

Rumble is still one of the best solo laners and patch notes 10.3 is quite gentle to him, he will not be affected by its W nerf. Sett is going to face the exact opposite fate though. Decreasing his health regen may be fine, but Haymaker’s CD nerf means he won’t spam W, deal tons of damage and get away with 1 HP.

Jungle Monsters

The biggest problem of the 2020 season is jungle experience, there is no doubt. Junglers get 40 less experience from caps and this leads to enormous exp differences. In 25th minutes, sometimes the gap between solo laners and jungler jumps to 3-4 levels. Cutting experience from lane minions hurt a lot. In this patch, Riot wants to stabilize the jungle and giving back 20 exp per minute to players. Also, junglers will still get less exp from lane minions but this penalty expires after 14th minutes. The early game should not differ but after the penalty is gone, junglers may gain lane exp much more effective and catch up the enemy’s level.

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