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Senpai TLDR; League of Legends Patch Notes 10.4

Tired of playing against Soraka or Sona top? Want to play new champions in the jungle but don’t know what to pick? Don’t worry, we got all of your answers! Riot Games shared much anticipated League of Legends Patch Notes 10.4 and we have to say; finally! Let’s dive into it:


  • Amumu: Q dash speed increased, R CD down. R now stops all dashes.
  • Caitlyn: Now has a bonus level 1 attack speed.
  • Darius: Passive deals %120 to monsters. Q heals from monsters.
  • Diana: Passive deals %150 to monsters.
  • Garen: E deals %150 damage to monsters. Q AD ratio increased. W gives plus %10 resistances after takedowns. W gives more shield.
  • Gnar: W deals more damage to monsters. Base MS and Mini Gnar MS decreased, R damage increased.
  • Jayce: Base mana and mana growth increased. Q base damage increased.
  • Lux: Q damage increased; cooldown decreased early. Lux can now Flash while casting R.
  • Mordekaiser: Passive deals more damage to monsters.
  • Rammus: Base AS and AS ratio increased.
  • Sylas: Q damage increased later.
  • Talon: Passive deals %120 to monsters.
  • Udyr: Time between stance changes decreased per Cloud Drake buff.
  • Zed: Passive deals more damage to monsters.


There are new champions in the jungle and this is the most important change in Patch Notes 10.4. Lots of heroes got buffed to their damage to monsters and we are pretty sure one of them will be broken. Most likely it will be either Gnar, Talon or Diana. Especially Diana, after her rework, got a substantial amount of playtime and with this buff she can be a top tier jungler.

Other than these, Lux buffs are interesting. She was very strong in the support role and we may witness her return. Considering how much Riot wants to buff enchanters and nerf tanks, Lux will have a shot in the meta for sure.


  • Aurelion Sol: W active star damage decreased.
  • Aphelios: Players can now see both of Aphelios’ guns. Calibrum no longer resets basic attack timer after consuming a mark. Crescendum sentries die faster. R range decreased.
  • Singed: Base health and armor decreased.
  • Sona: Auras now grants Sona mana at first ally tag. Q, W, and E cost increased.
  • Soraka: Base stats adjusted. Q self-heal, Rejuvenation heal duration, and bonus movement speed decreased; Q cost increased. W health cost decreased when Rejuvenated; heal increased later.


Yes, we feel you. We are as grateful as you about these Sona and Soraka nerfs. After +%55 win rate and tons of cancerous games Riot finally decided to bring them down. Healers are really hard to balance and Riot essentially butchered Soraka in many ways and we probably won’t see her for a long time. Sona, on the other hand, nerfed for the top lane but she got a minor but really important buff to her mana cost. If her auras affect a teammate she will get a mana refund. Overall, she got a mini mana buff but still, she is too squishy to play with an aggressive ADC. Singed nerf will reduce his screentime in high elos.

Sadly, Aphelios nerfs means a little. He is still too strong and we think that nerfing his Calibrum reset or turrets won’t change his popularity.


Exhaust got some love and buff to its duration. We may not see it in the bot lane but it’s still viable in the mid so playing versus assassins will be easier after Patch Notes 10.4. One of the hardest runes to balance is Hail of Blades. When Riot buffed it, champions like Vayne or Rek’sai benefited it too much and it was nerfed immediately. Now, Hail of Blades has more time between attacks but more cooldown too.

Legends: Bloodline is the most preferred rune in those rune row and instead of nerfing it, Riot buffed all of the Legend Runes. Now, they all have more stacks. Perfect timing, maybe the most valuable rune, nerfed too. Players can use it after 14. minutes but when you get a takedown, its cooldown will be reduced by 2 mins. Phase Rush is buffed, same like Hail of Blades, it has more time between attacks and will provide more movement speed.

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