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4 Efficient Tips For Dealing With Tilt in League of Legends

In a game as competitive and team-reliant as League of Legends, there are times when you might get frustrated. Sometimes, it might even look or feel like you are simply incompetent.

However, let me assure you that this is just a normal experience. Even professionals tilt and make wrong plays. To help you relate to this topic, let’s talk about this term first.

Dealing with Tilt – What is Tilt?

Dealing with Tilt

In the most basic explanation, Tilt is a gaming term that refers to entering a frustrated state of mind. This mental state then pushes a player to make game decisions that they would normally not make.

Tilt sometimes leads to an overaggressive playstyle which causes more frustrating results. Now, how do you handle Tilt?

Dealing With Tilt

It is true that there are several factors that lead to tilting. However, whether it is having bad teammates or simply having a bad day, there are ways to handle it.

1. Take a Break

2. Deep Breaths

3. Let Go

4. Lead by Example

Take a Break

Dealing with Tilt - Take a Break

At this point, your mind will keep coming up with less effective gameplay decisions. Your goal is to find clarity so you can start making the right decisions again.

Once your match finishes, leave the game and do something completely unrelated. Go watch a movie, or even take a shower. It will help your mind clear up whatever was muddling it up.

Deep Breaths

You can find this tip in one of the game suggestions just before you enter your match. It would sound weird at first but taking deep breaths before your game starts can do a lot in controlling tilt. Even the SenpAI in-game assistant meditates while preparing to perform better.

Let me explain how it works. The brain takes the highest share of the Oxygen and Nutrients that enters your body. The reason is that it needs it for its processes and when you are playing, you are consuming a lot of brain resources.

When you take a couple of deep breaths, you are supplying your brain with a boost of Oxygen to help it perform better. Try it out and see.

Let Go

Yes, the aim is to win. No, you can not win every game. Yes, concentrate on having fun while playing and getting better. Every professional player, coach, and streamer will tell you that having fun is the most important aspect of the game.

Whenever you are feeling frustrated or confused with the game, instead of tilting and spoiling subsequent matches, let it go. Accept that some games are not meant to be won, but what do you do after realizing?

Concentrate on getting the most out of the game. Whether it is reinforcing a game fundamental or helping a teammate perform better, it can work. The best part is developing this attitude to playing can even bring some really good comebacks in your matches.

It is important to note that letting go doesn’t mean FF at 15.

Lead by Example

This tip applies to games where teammates are the cause for your tilt. There are a couple of ways to approach this scenario. Providing guidance is the first way.

There was this time I was playing with some friends and one of our teammates (Nami) was building the wrong item. Our top laner took time to explain her role and items to her, guess what? She appreciated it and adjusted her playstyle…we went on to win the game from losing two inhibitors and a nexus turret.

When you notice a deficit in your team, explain it to the person responsible. However, do it in a friendly way so your teammate doesn’t get frustrated. In case you do not know what’s wrong with the team, using the SenpAI in-game overlay will help.


Like I said earlier on, the purpose of the game is to have fun and even relax. Getting frustrated prevents that and this is why dealing with tilt is important.

One good way to increase your win rate is to download and use the SenpAI.GG Desktop LoL App. It customizes your runes, guides you on the items to buy based on matchups, and even analyses your opponent’s playstyles and history.

Good luck!

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