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5 Support Champions for Beginners in League of Legends

For this post, we will talk about 5 support champions for Beginners in League of Legends. First, I will explain the support role a little and point out what is expected of you should you decide to play this role as a new player.

In League of Legends, the Support role is considered to be the easiest and weakest role, however, professional players and coaches will tell you otherwise. In fact, they describe this role as the most important and impactful role in the game.

What does this mean for a beginner? As someone new to the game, whenever you pick a support champion, there are some things you need to constantly do to put your team ahead.

First of all, know that a support champion is designed to function with minimal gold so let your team, especially the ADC get the gold. Secondly, while it is true that everyone should contribute to creating vision, it is more important that you do so. How? By getting wards and using them to collect as much information as possible for the team.

Also, a support champion isn’t tied to the bottom line, whenever your partner is safe, you can help your jungler secure an objective or even gank a lane. 

Support Types

There are Engage supports and Enchanter Supports

Engage supports are usually tanky and tasked with the job of starting a fight e.g Thresh, Leona, Rakan, Nautilus, etc. 

Enchanter supports are more of casters, that is champions capable of keeping the team alive through shields, heals, movement boost, etc. Examples are Soraka, Karma, Sona, Lulu, etc.

Support Champions for Beginners


Support champions for beginners in league of legends - Lux

Lux is a mage support who excels at locking down and disrupting the enemy strategies. She has a surprisingly huge amount of burst damage that makes lots of players uneasy.

Her kit is easy to execute and you stay relatively safe because she stays behind the team. You can set up kills through rooting or slowing enemy champions. To cap it off, Lux can also cast shields on allies and herself.

You can even flex her in the mid lane.


Support champions for beginners in League of Legends - Soraka

In my opinion, Soraka is the greatest healer in League of Legends. Her kit is designed in such a way that makes it easy to keep allies alive while poking the enemy. Her W silences enemy champions standing on her targeted area and roots them after some time. This makes it a very strong team fighting tool when used right.

Although she heals at the expense of her health, her Q grants her huge regeneration boosts whenever she lands it on an enemy champion. All in all, Soraka doesn’t just teach you the support role, she teaches selflessness.

Knowledgeable players make sure to get rid of the enemy Soraka first because as long as she stands, allies will be hard to kill. In fact, enchanter supports are prime targets in general. All of these make her one of the support champions for beginners.


Support champions for beginners in league of legends - Lulu

Lulu is a very formidable support. With the ability to shield herself or an ally, speed champions up including herself, and slow champions, Lulu’s kit has everything you need to frustrate the enemy.

Also, she has the only hex ability in the game, she can turn enemy champions into harmless critters. Her ultimate is both a save and a buffer all wrapped in one, you should at least try her once to enjoy the experience.



Sona is many things in one. She’s a healer, an amplifier, and even an initiator. Her kits allow her to heal allies, speed them up and increase their damage while inhibiting the enemy.

She has an ult that is capable of changing the outcome of a fight when used at the right time. Lots of players underestimate this champion and that makes it easy to catch them by surprise.

Finally, she works best through sticking with teammates so be sure to play around with that.



Blitzcrank is the only engage support on this list and it’s because he is beginner-friendly. His hook pulls the target to you so you aren’t really sacrificing safety for engage.

Unlike Blitzcrank, other engage champions can’t really do their job without getting exposed. His Ult silences every enemy champion around him making it a good team fighting tool.

Also, he has a shield-breaking passive that renders enemy shields useless, his W speeds him up, and his E provides a follow-up for hooks by knocking the enemy up.

Finally, be careful who you pull into your team to Kickstart a team fight. Marksmen, ADCs and Mages – good. Tanks, Bruisers, and Engage champions – bad



Support champions for beginners in League of Legends - Nami

Apart from Soraka and Yuumi, Nami is the best healer in the game. Unlike those two, however, she has a solid engage ability in her Ult (R).

Nami‘s healing damages enemy champions close to her target, making it a poking and sustaining tool at the same time. Her passive gives allies movement speed boost whenever she casts an ability on them which gives an extra edge in escape or engage.

Although her Q might take a little while to land properly, it is very satisfying to execute.


Generally, professional players and coaches do advise new players to stay away from the support role until they understand game fundamentals. The reason is that playing support might hinder you from learning basics like farming.

You should try out other roles in order to understand their perspective in the game before you establish yourself as a support. I hope this post helps you in picking your early champions.

With the 5 support champions for beginners in League of Legends, we arrive at the end of the series.

Good luck!

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