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5 Top Lane Champions For Beginners in League of Legends

When starting out at League of Legends, the game might get a little overwhelming at first especially when it’s time to pick a champion. As a result of this, I will be covering champions that you can begin with for each lane. With this knowledge, you can learn the fundamentals with relative ease as these champions are less complex compared to others.

The first post for this series is 5 top lane champions for beginners in League of Legends. That means will we cover champions for the top lane in this post. First of all, let’s talk about the top lane for a little bit.

In League of Legends, the top lane is mostly regarded as an island of its own. Don’t get carried away by this though as the lane is every bit as important as others.

For the top lane, the majority of the landing phase might be spent in isolation as most junglers prefer to gank other lanes. With the dragon being positioned close to the bottom lane, there is a greater chance that this will bring more action to the bottom lane.

The only time top laners might see some team action is if both teams want to contest the Rift herald. So, what does this mean?

If you chose to play in the top lane, it might be a 1v1 for quite a while. Champions that excel at dueling or soaking up damage are the rulers of the top lane. Now, let’s look at decent top lane champions for beginners.



Garen is a tank and a bruiser with an easy-to-execute kit that helps him excel at dueling. His passive keeps him healthy by increasing his health regeneration outside of combat. With several build paths available to him, Garen can fit into different playstyles even though he is easy to pick up and understand.

You can build him as a tank to soak up the enemy damage output or as a bruiser to outduel enemy champions.


Top lane champions for Beginners (Malphite)

Malphite is a tank with a straightforward kit and a game-changing ultimate. His Q is a targetted ability so except you click the wrong target, you cannot miss. He has a passive that grants a shield and his ultimate is an area of effect knock-up that is satisfying to land.

The champion works best as frontline and an engage champion because of his ability to soak up damage for his team. You can choose to build him as a tank with very high durability or a mage with huge damage output but low durability.

Dr. Mundo

Top lane champions for Beginners (Dr. Mundo)

Dr. Mundo is a tank with the highest health regeneration capability in the whole game. Just like Garen and Mordekaiser, you don’t need mana to cast his ability. Instead, he pays health costs for some of them – he regenerates it back anyways.

Mundo’s passive makes him immune to stuns, slows, knock-ups, and anything that should displace him once every few seconds. His kit allows you to recover from mistakes that would mess up other champions. I consider him a good top lane champion for beginners.



Darius is a popular top lane champion for beginners alongside Garen because of his kit. He has an ability that heals him while dealing damage to the enemy so his survivability is good. His attacks cause enemies to bleed and his passive deals extra damage based on how much the enemy bleeds.

The best build on Darius is always as a bruiser and he excels as a frontline capable of taking on multiple champions at once.



Mordekaiser is a bruiser with amazing survivability in his kits. His abilities are easy to learn and his ultimate takes you and an enemy to a different realm to battle it out alone. He has an ability that grants a shield based on how much damage you sustain and heals you if cast again.

An added benefit is gaining some of the stats of any enemy you kill in your realm. This kit makes Mordekaiser a champion that can face more than one enemy at once too. He is a good top lane champion for beginners in my opinion.

Top Lane Champions for Beginners in League of Legends (Bonus)


Top lane champions for Beginners (Maokai)

The tree man is a tank with a passive that heals him for auto-attacks once every couple of seconds. He is a formidable frontline with roots and slows that are impossible to miss if cast right.

Maokai shines as an engage champion or a tank for the team or both.


With the champions mentioned above, you should find it relatively easy to focus on the game fundamentals. You can find good champions for the Jungle here.

To have a smooth game experience, you will need to pick the right runes and build the right items on the champions. Do not worry, we’ve got you covered.

Check out the SenpAI.GG Desktop LoL App. It is designed to pick your runes for you, show you the items you need in-game, and even analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Good luck!

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