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A Look into Worlds 2019 Quarter-finals day 2

In the last article, we checked the World Championship quarter-finals day 1, now its time to check the rest of the matches on Sunday. 


Match 1: SK Telecom T1(5-1) vs. Splyce(4-3)

Faker and SKT are back and they are on form! After missing Worlds last year SKT changed their lineup and built a star-studded roster. They won both spring and summer splits convincingly and their only hurdle this year as at MSI vs G2 Esports. When we look at the group stages performances of the teams SKT seems to be the frontrunner of the tournament. They only dropped 1 game to Fnatic, due to their tendency of over forcing fights which can be easily fixed. The same can’t be said for their opponent Splyce who struggled with consistency throughout the whole season and Worlds. 

Splyce is a team that surprises people when you least expect them to. They came through play-ins, struggled against LCL representative in the qualifying match then they went 1-2 in the first week of groups and swept 3-0 the second and lost tiebreaker against FPX. Splyce is a great fundamentals team but they always fail in clutch moments. This also showed up in their first match against FPX when they failed to secure Baron and threw their huge gold lead. Midlaner Humanoid usually gets caught in bad positions in the midgame and this usually costs them the games. If Splyce wants to challenge the giants that are SKT they need to put up their best performance yet.

Key player for SKT: Faker

It’s hard to choose a player from SKT when they are all performing so well. One can be said for SKT tho they live and die by Faker. They lost their first and only match in the groups to Fnatic when Faker started dying. 

Key player for Splyce: Humanoid

It’s not easy to go against 3 times World champions and unkillable demon king Faker. Humanoid needs to play beyond his best if Splyce wants to challenge SKT and even that will probably won’t be enough to stop Faker. 

Prediction: 3-0 SKT

Karma gifted Splyce with group of life and immediately took it away with SKT draw. Nobody expects Splyce to win this series but everyone is hoping that they can pull a 2017 Misfits. 

Match 2: DAMWON Gaming(5-1) vs G2 Esports (5-2)

DAMWON Gaming is the other young team that dominated the 2019 LCK alongside Griffin. They qualified to group stages through play-ins looking shaky but they are the team that grew the most in the duration of the tournament. They have 2 of the best solo laners on the planet and they choose to play the game through their outplaying potential ability. They are cocky team and have clear weakness’; Nuguri playing greedy Kleptomancy style and bot lane wasting resources. They are going to match against G2 Esports, which has the most diverse style in tournament. 

The MSI champions G2 are on their path to golden road(winning every tournament they participated). They seemed to be well on track in the first week of stages going 3-0 and dominating Griffin in their first match, but dropped the ball on second week and lost to Griffin twice in a row grabbing the second seed out of groups. On a good day, G2 is the best team on the planet, on a bad day(or happy game) they turbo int. So far at Worlds, they had shaky moments where some members of the team feeding enemies and getting caught multiple times. Their biggest strength is not crumbling under pressure and always have a member holding their own to carry others to victory, so far this has been the most inconsistent member; mid-laner Caps. This is going to be a huge challenge for G2 as they are yet to show their 2019 dominating performance. 

Key player for DWG: Nuclear

G2’s botlaner Perkz is probably one of the best performing players in the tournament. That can’t be said for DWG’s Nuclear. If DWG wants to get a semi-final ticket Nuclear needs to step up and make sure his solo lanes can carry the game. 

Key player for G2: Jankos

LEC summer split MVP has yet to show up at the Worlds stage.  He has made multiple mistakes in group stages and cost his team the first seed out of groups. If G2 wants to complete their grand slam Jankos needs to put up his MVP winning performance.

Series prediction: 3-2 G2

If we just look at the second week of group stages DWG is clear favorites going into the series. But G2 is the team that performs better in Bo5’s and high-pressure situations. G2 most likely will take this series very seriously and not have those happy games.