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Akshan Guide, Abilities, Skins – LoL A-Z Champion Guides

akshan guide

Hello Summoners, welcome to our Akshan Guide! A part of our new series, LoL A-Z Champion Guides. We will try to grant you a head start for a champion you’re trying to master by offering my 9 years of League of Legends experience. Let’s hop into the Akshan Guide!

LoL 11.15 Patch Notes

Akshan’s Lore

Dashing through the shadows of eastern Shurima, a righteous avenger stalks those who have harmed others. His punishment is swift, certain, and exacted by a curious weapon that rights the wrongs of his foes.

Raised on the streets of the city of Marwi, Akshan was introduced to injustice at birth. In a place where local warlords took what they wanted, most people survived by keeping their heads down and minding their own affairs. Try as he might, young Akshan could never manage to let bad deeds go unnoticed and were often quick to intervene when he saw someone being mistreated. This approach made the boy many powerful enemies, and on one fateful occasion, left him beaten within an inch of his life.

But luck was on his side. An old woman named Shadya found the boy unconscious in the street outside her dwelling. Though Marwian custom said she should not get involved, she took young Akshan inside and, against all odds, he pulled through.

As Akshan regained his faculties, he realized his savior was no ordinary woman. Shadya was a member of the Sentinels of Light, an ancient order committed to fighting Harrowings and eradicating agents of the Black Mist. She saw Akshan as a troubled youth, stubborn and defiant, but vulnerable. After butting heads with the boy over her numerous sentinel house rules, Shadya quickly discovered there was much to like about him. He had guts and conscience—a combination seldom found in Marwi. Seeing the immense potential in the young man, Shadya made a deal with him: she would allow him to stay, free from the grasp of his countless enemies, and, in return, he would dedicate himself to the sentinel order.

Shadya and Akshan formed a fast bond as she taught him everything she knew about surviving as a solo sentinel. Akshan the scrappy street urchin grew into Akshan the full-grown bane of scoundrels. But even as Akshan’s skills grew by the day, he could see his mentor growing more distant and more troubled.

At last, Shadya told her pupil the reason for her concern: A Harrowing was coming, bigger than any the world had ever seen, bearing an army of wraiths and ghouls from the Shadow Isles. Their only hope of stopping the cataclysm rested with the ancient sentinel weapons that lay buried within Shurima’s crypts and tombs. If the world was to be saved from ruination, they needed to collect these weapons, and quickly.

To Shadya’s dismay, she found that the ancient weapons had already been plundered by local warlords. She pleaded with them to relinquish the artifacts for the fight against the inevitable Harrowing, but the warlords refused, determined to unlock the weapons’ mysterious power for themselves.

With time running out, Akshan and Shadya were forced to make due with what they had. As they took stock of their arsenal, Akshan discovered a particularly striking gun hidden away in the base’s vault. Alarmed, his mentor snatched it away and forbade Akshan from ever using it. The weapon, known as the Absolver, was imbued with an ancient enchantment that granted it a strange, unspeakable power—it could take the life of a killer and, by doing so, restore their most recent victims to life.

“It must not be wielded by anyone,” said Shadya. “Such matters of life and death are best left in the hands of fate.”

But Akshan still bristled at sentinel rules, and he had even stronger opinions on fate. He had spent his whole life seeing good people horribly mistreated while bad people did as they pleased without consequence. If fate was real, it definitely needed help—help that the Absolver could provide.

As his interest in the weapon deepened, Akshan continued to pry its history from Shadya and came to a shocking discovery: She had used the gun to save Akshan when she found him unconscious in the street all those years ago. With it, she’d slain the criminal who had nearly killed him, and, in doing so, restored young Akshan to life. He wondered: Why did he alone deserve to be revived by the gun? Surely there were others who were more worthy.

While Akshan questioned the antiquated rules of his order, his mentor continued to press the warlords to turn over their stolen weapons. Tensions between the two parties built until one tragic day Akshan returned home to find Shadya murdered in the street, almost exactly where he had fallen all those years ago.

Akshan knew what he had to do. He made some key alterations to the Absolver and set out into the scorching desert with the forbidden weapon, hungry for vengeance. Though he could not determine which of the warlords had killed his mentor, he knew one way to be certain: he would pick them off one by one until Shadya was returned to Runeterra.

Cyberpop Akshan

Akshan Guide, Akshan Build, Akshan Runes

Cyber Pop Akshan Skin: Splash Art, Release Date, and Price | GameRiv

Akshan’s Abilities

Akshan Guide, Akshan Build, Akshan Runes

Akshan Ability: Dirty Fighting

Passive – Dirty Fighting

Whenever Akshan uses a basic attack, he fires an additional shot, dealing 50% AD physical damage, increased to 100% AD against minions. If Akshan cancels the second shot, he gains 35−75 (+1.0% bonus attack speed) bonus movement speed decaying over 1 second (depending on level). The additional shot benefits from critical strike modifiers at 30% effectiveness.

Akshan’s basic attacks and abilities apply a stack to affected enemies for 5 seconds, stacking up to 3 times and refreshing on subsequent applications. The third stack consumes them all to deal 20−175 bonus magic damage (depending on level) and, if the target is a champion, Akshan is granted a 40−300 (+0.4% bonus AD) shield for 2 seconds (depending on level). The shield may only be gained once every few seconds.

Akshan Ability: Avengerang

Q – Avengerang

Akshan hurls a boomerang in the target direction, dealing 5 / 25 / 45 / 65 / 85 (+0.8% attack damage) physical damage to enemies it passes through and revealing them for 1 second, granting sight of the area along its path, as well as extending its range every time it hits an enemy. Akshan gains 40% bonus movement speed decaying over 1 second if the boomerang hits an enemy champion.

Upon reaching maximum range, the boomerang returns to Akshan, applying the same effects to enemies hit along the way.

Avengerang’s damage is reduced by 40 / 47.5 / 55 / 62.5 / 70% against non-champions.

Akshan Ability: Going Rogue

W – Going Rogue

Enemy champions that kill allied champions are marked as a Scoundrel for 60 seconds. Upon scoring a takedown against a Scoundrel while alive, Akshan receives an additional 100 gold and revives all dead allied champions that were slain by that enemy champion after 1 second at their summoning platform, and removes the marks from all other enemies.

ACTIVE: Akshan gains camouflage, which lasts for 2 seconds or indefinitely while he is near terrain or inside the bush. Going Rogue can be recast after 1 second and automatically does so at the end of its duration.

While Going Rogue and moving towards nearby Scoundrels, Akshan gains 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 bonus movement speed and bonus mana regeneration equal to 12% of his missing mana. He can also see trails leading towards Scoundrels.

RECAST: Akshan ends Going Rogue.

Akshan Guide, Akshan Build, Akshan Runes

Akshan Ability: Heroic Swing

Heroic Swing

ACTIVE: Akshan can activate Heroic Swing three times before the ability goes on cooldown, and can use the third cast only after 0.5 seconds of the second cast. Akshan may input a movement command to use the second and third casts.

FIRST CAST: Akshan fires a hook in the target direction, which grapples to the first instance of terrain hit for 1.5 seconds. Heroic Swing’s second cast can be used while the hook is attached. If Akshan becomes immobilized or grounded during this time, the hook will detach, ending Heroic Swing prematurely.

SECOND CAST: Akshan swings around the terrain, rapidly firing at the nearest visible enemy to deal them 30 / 55 / 80 / 105 / 130 (+0.1% bonus attack damage) (+0.3% bonus attack speed) physical damage and apply on-hit and on-attack effects at 25% effectiveness per shot, and stopping upon colliding with an enemy champion or terrain, or after 3 seconds.

Akshan will be knocked down by any immobilizing crowd control during the dash.

THIRD CAST: Akshan jumps off of the rope to the target location and fires one last shot at a nearby visible enemy.

Heroic Swing’s cooldown resets upon scoring a takedown against an enemy champion. The shots benefit from critical strike modifiers and apply life steal at 100% effectiveness. Akshan prioritizes firing at enemy champions with stacks of Dirty Fighting, will not fire if he is channeling Comeuppance, and reveals himself during Heroic Swing.


Akshan Ability: Comeuppance


Akshan channels for 2.5 seconds, locking onto the target enemy champion, revealing them, and storing 5 / 6 / 7 bullets into his weapon, as well as revealing himself. Comeuppance can be recast after 0.5 seconds during the channel, and does so automatically at the end of its duration.

Comeuppance is placed on a 15second cooldown if its channel is canceled.

RECAST: Akshan fires all stored bullets at the target, each dealing 20 / 25 / 30 (+0.1% attack damage) physical damage to the first enemy hit, including structures and increased by 0−300% (depending on target’s missing health).

Each bullet benefits from critical strike and critical damage modifiers at 50% effectiveness, applies life steal at 80% effectiveness, and executes minions.

Akshan may still move and cast Heroic Swing while channeling Comeuppance.

Akshan Runes

Akshan Guide, Akshan Build, Akshan Runes


Press The Attack

  • Proc and extra damage you can apply by using it is crucial in early game and can help you to burst targets.
  • This rune is very easy to proc. For example, you could start with one auto to get your movement speed bonus, then switch to a second auto + Passive auto or you can easily activate it by using your E- Heroic Swing ability.

Presence of Mind

  • You will be spamming abilities in the lane, it is easier when you restore part of your mana everytime you hit an enemy champion.
  • Your E- Heroic Swing is the main skill you’re using for escaping or gap-closing, although it’s 70 mana but since you will use it again and again while getting a killstreak you can easily erase your mana.

Legend: Bloodline

  • Sustainability
  • You can free up a slot with it, you don’t need to get a lifesteal item.

Coup de Grace

  • Higher damage to low health targets is a must when your champion has built to execute enemies.
  • You can higher your chance to execute with your ultimate.

Taste of Blood

Damaging an enemy heals you for 18-35 (based on level) with +20 bonus AD scaling. Since Akshan doesn’t have any healing abilities, it can help you to get through the early game and provide more sustain.

Ravenous Hunter

  • Getting 7.5% healing from using abilities at max stack is a fairly good offer. Don’t pass on it!

Summoner Spells

Akshan Guide, Akshan Build, Akshan Runes


If your enemy is killable in the early game, it is helpful for snowballs and needed for an early advantage.



Exhaust can help you if you think your enemy is stronger than you or has a high killing potential and you want to ruin your opponent’s plans.



If your opponent or opponents has hard cc or a CC chain like Leona.



If you are hard counter picked and you think that you can’t do anything in the early game. You can use it to help your teammates and to get back to your lane.


Crucial for every game, you can use it to gap close, escape, and making plays.

Akshan Skill Order

Akshan Guide, Akshan Build, Akshan Runes

Q > E > W

Akshan Guide, Akshan Build, Akshan Runes

Starting Item

Doran’s Blade

It’s your main starting item.

Doran’s Shield

If your enemy has a higher range or poking abilities


Buy it if you think you will get destroyed in the lane and plan to wait until the mid-game.


Akshan Guide, Akshan Build, Akshan Runes

Berserker’s Greaves

Main boots, you need the attack speed provided by it.

Mobility Boots

If you’re fed and able to help other lanes, it is a good pair with your passive and W – Going Rogue

You can also get armor if the enemy has too much damage over you and you need to survive or MR boots if your enemy has a long CC.

Core Build

Akshan Guide, Akshan Build, Akshan Runes

Akshan Guide


The first thing you’ll want to get is Galeforce since it has a number of different bonuses that will help you a lot.  Akshan has burst, but a lot of scaling through AD ratios and his whole kit, from his Passive Dirty Fighting to his ultimate Comeuppance.  So, in order to optimize your damage potential, you should be building AD Crit items.  Galeforce provides 60 AD, 20% attack speed, and 20% crit chance, and movement speed bonus as the item bonus. So it’s all you need.  The real attraction, though, is the one-of-a-kind active cloudburst. Which is a dash with both defensive and offensive skills. It will assist you in pursuing and killing individuals as you assassinate them or if you locate yours.

Akshan Guide

The Collector

The Collector is the second item we’ll be aiming for. It’s really a massive bundle of stats that carries a lot of sheer power. 55 AD, 20% Crit, 12 Lethality, and execution if they drop below 5% health. Which grants you 25 additional gold on kill. This is a required item for Akshan, and you can buy it earlier than Galeforce if you’re snowballing in the early game. You should be able to deliver threatening damage and look for assassinations and burst pick-offs from now on. Actively seek out battles or use your W-Going Rogue to sneak up and slaughter your enemies.

Akshan Guide

Infinity Edge

Infinity Edge is the third and final component of the core build. Once again, this is a pure damage item with just offensive attributes After finishing Infinity Edge, you will have a total of 60% Crit chance and will be able to activate its passive, which grants you a 35% extra critical strike damage when you reach at least 60% crit chance.

Situational Items

Akshan Guide, Akshan Build, Akshan Runes


55 AD and 20% Crit chance with 20% Lifesteal

You should buy Bloodthirster if you’re facing a champion that is able to kill you but has no burst damage or ability to one-shot you. You can easily recover hundreds of health with one attack and can survive the hardest situations.

Akshan Guide

Lord Dominik’s Regards

35% Armor penetration, 30 AD, and 20% Crit chance.

The passive gives you an extra 0-15% bonus physical damage depending on the health difference between you and your target.

This item is very important to buy if you’re playing against tanks or high stat tanky champions. You should buy this item if any of your enemies have 100 or more armor, it will help you a lot!

Mercurial Scimitar

40 AD, 20% Crit chance, and 30 Magic Resistance.

This item has a bit of everything an ADC can want and has MR built in it! It is especially pretty strong against AP Assassins like LeBlanc and Diana. Mandatory to buy if the enemy team has too much CC and you can’t move in team fights because of that.

Guardian Angel

40 Armor, 40 AD, and a passive which allows you to come back to life with 50% hp and 30% mana after 4 seconds.

You should buy Guardian Angel no matter what if you’re fed and the main carry of your team. Especially good in the late game when the death timers go crazy and there is always the risk of losing the game after one teamfight. Also, you can buy it early if the enemy team has a fed assassin.

Akshan Guide

Mortal Reminder

25 AD 25% Attack Speed 20% Crit Chance 7% Movespeed 40% Grievous Wounds, 60% Grievous Wounds after 3 attacks

The Anti-Heal item, you should buy if your enemy has high health regenerating tanks or an AD Carry with a lot of lifesteal. You will feel the difference after buying it.

Laning Phase

Akshan Guide, Akshan Build, Akshan Runes

Akshan is born as ADC but you need to snowball in the early game to achieve the Assassin part of this champion. His early game damage isn’t great and you might not recover after two or three bad roams. Because of that, you need to stay in your lane until you get a “reputable” position before roaming. So, it is too easy to fall behind with Akshan and you should try to play safe until mid-game but if you managed to snowball the game will be too easy for you thanks to his mobility and trading capabilities. Also, be careful with which auto attack animation you choose your immobilized auto might feel so powerful but the damage is mediocre for the early game so, it might be beneficial to cancel your second auto-attack to gain movement speed and to kite.

Also, use your Q through minions as much as possible, hitting an enemy with your Q increases the range of your ability.

Akshan Combos

Akshan Guide, Akshan Build, Akshan Runes

Q + Double Auto

It is a quick and simple trade that will proc your passive stacks.

E – Auto

Your E also stacks and procs your passive, using E in a low radius can help you to deal full damage to the enemy and also be safe at the same time.

Q > E

It’s a good way to engage to your opponent, you can use a long swing with it to stay safe or you can follow your enemy with it, pretty versatile. Also your Q will always return to you, you can attack multiple enemies with your q if you can position your E well.

Q > Double Auto Attack > E

You can easily proc your passive twice with that combo, which can help you disengage while delivering damage.

Q > Single Auto Attack > E > Double Auto Attack

You can proc your passive three times with that combo but recommended if you’re slightly favored in the lane.

Single Auto Attack > Q > Double Auto Attack > Ultimate > Use E to swing through your enemy

You can use your ultimate while or before using E, this combo is for the mid-late game and offers the ability to chase and one-shot your enemies, using your E with your ultimate will let your E deal damage and prepare your enemies for the execution from your ultimate.

That’s all for our Akshan Guide,

Share your thoughts on these patch notes with us in the comments, and stay tuned to SenpAI to stay up to date with LoL! If you’d like to get better at League of Legends,, Download SenpAI to your computer and reach all your data from one place!

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