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Aphelios Gun Combos

Aphelios is one of the best carries of the new season. He has 5 guns in his arsenal and every one of them has unique abilities and when you combine 2 of them together, you get some powerful combos that can help you win trades or even team fights. So let’s begin.

Crescendum – Calibrum Combo:

Normally Calibrum – Crescendum combo is expected to be bad. Crescendum’s chakrams can deal tremendous damages during team fights but with Calibrum, its almost impossible to stack chakrams. But there is an unexpected damage outcome with Crescendum – Calibrum combo. Crescendum’s ability, sentry, triggers Calibrum’s range buff for every hit that your sentry does. So basically you can place your sentry to key locations and harras your enemies from 1800 range with good damage outcome. They will take damage from where they can’t even reach.

Calibrum – Crescendum

Infernum – Severum Combo:

Severum’s attacks heal Aphelios for every damage he dealt with Severum. That grants him amazing sustain potential. On the other hand, Infernum’s ability, Duskwave, fires a volley of attacks from his current off-hand weapon, one at each locked-on enemy, applying on-hit effects. With these 2 guns in your hand, you can change the tides of teamfights very easily. When you have low HP you can change to Infernum and use Duskwave on everyone. For each enemy unit you hit with Duskwave, you gain HP. With that burst HP income, you can keep fighting and help your team to win the fight.

Severum – Infernum

Severum – Crescendum Combo:

Severum – Crescendum Combo has amazing 1v1 skirmish potential. During the skirmish, Aphelios can use Severum’s Onslaught to gain hp and stack chakram. If you can manage to land every hit on Onslaught you can get 6 stacks of the chakram. After that switch to Crescendum to deal most of your damage.

Severum – Crescendum

Calibrum – Gravitum Combo:

Gravitum is here to slow down your target for better kite or root to get kills. During the early laning phase, Calibrum – Gravitum combo can create amazing kill potential for you and your team. Try to finish Severum’s ammo first to get Gravitum as your off-hand gun. When you get Calibrum – Gravitum combo, ask your jungler for a kind gank. Use Calibrum’s Moonshot to mark your enemy from distance, then ucase Gravitum’s Binding Eclipse to root your enemy and secure the early score.

Calibrum – Gravitum

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