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Best Jungle Paths for League of Legends

Jungling is probably the most impactful role in League of Legends because they have the ability to affect the lanes at any point in the game. Great junglers can take advantage of their strategic knowledge of the game and their mechanics and swing the game in their favor by ganking or just farming well enough and staying ahead in gold, items, and experience. Top tier junglers easily climb the solo queue rankings and are one of the most feared in League of Legends because they have immaculate jungle path that allows them to know where their opponent is and stay a step ahead at all times.
Since optimal jungle path is very important when you’re playing League of Legends we decided to share a few jungle paths that are used by many pro players and are proven to be the best and most efficient ones.

Best Jungle Path #1

The most common jungle path and one of the most optimal jungle paths to get to level 4 quickly and be able to duel in the jungle is the one where you start on your red buff then do the raptors then wolves then take the blue buff then the gromp and lastly go toward the scuttle crab.
This path allows you to easily get to level 4 very fast and have multiple tools and spells to use if you run into the enemy jungler on the scuttle crab. This jungle path is also a very demanding one, health, and mana wise, you’ll have to start with the hunter’s talisman and kite the camps well so you can come out with enough health and mana to be able to contest the scuttle crab after you get to level 4.
The best jungler champions for this role are those that offer AoE damage like Hecarim or Sejuani.

Best Jungle Path #2

The second jungle path is great if you don’t have dominant laners or if you picked a champion that will scale into the late game and you want to go through the levels as fast as possible and eventually come out an entire level above your midlaner. This jungle path starts at the red buff then you’ll need to do your krug camp then the raptors then blue then gromp followed by the wolf camp and finally the nearest scuttle.
The reason behind this jungle path being great for scaling is the amount of experience the krug camp offers after the first clear and clearing it as often as possible is paramount for keeping up with the levels. The thing to remember about this jungle path is that it takes a lot of time to go through it and your health is probably going to be quite low so you should avoid duels with the other jungler, especially around the scuttle crab.
The best jungler champions for this path are those that don’t have a very strong early ganking power but they are very strong later in the game like Karthus.

Best Jungle Path #3

This jungle path is for aggressive junglers that want to brawl with the enemy jungle around the map and contest the opponent’s jungle as well as the scuttle crabs. This path starts at the red buff followed by the krug camp then the wolf camp and the blue buff and finally going for the scuttle crab and fighting the enemy jungler if he’s there, or ganking a lane. This path is less efficient in terms of experience you gain in the jungle and there’s a chance that you fall behind the enemy jungler if you go for a gank but don’t succeed in killing the opponent but it’s a great one if you have strong laners and want to propel them ahead from the very start of the game.
Best jungler champions that excel at this type of gameplay and pathing are junglers like Elise, Lee Sin and Jarvan IV.

Best Jungle Path #4

This jungle path is for champions that are able to clear the raptors right away and ones who are mainly predator junglers that want to get their boots very fast in order to utilize them in a gank as soon as possible. The path starts at the raptors, then the red buff followed by the krug camp and a recall afterward to make the first buy. After the purchase, head over to the side you haven’t cleared yet and either gank for your lane or continue to clear that side of the jungle.
Best jungler champions that can easily clear this route are Kayn, Gragas and Olaf.

Best Jungle Path #5

This jungle route is reserved for a bit more experienced junglers that love to constantly counter jungle the opponent as well as fight with him over camps and vision in his jungle eventually coming out ahead by 2 levels. The way the route for this jungle path goes will depend on the enemy jungle because you’ll need to start on the same side of the map as the opponent. Once you do your buff go over to the nearest camp on the map that is on the way to the opponent’s buff and once you do that camp, head over to the enemy buff and attempt to steal it. If you manage to get the enemy’s buff you’ve automatically won the early game of your matchup because you denied gold and experience from your opponent and forced him to go to a part of the map that has no camp spawns yet.
Best jungler champions that can do this are Lee Sin and Elise.

Best Jungle Path #6

The final jungle path we have is a jungle path that will suit those who enjoy ganking a lot for their laners. The path starts at your red buff then going for your blue buff and immediately into a gank at level 2 either botlane or toplane. Whether the gank was successful or not you’ll want to pick a side of the map and constantly place vision in the enemy jungle on that side and clear it as often as possible while simultaneously ganking the opponents on the same side of the map whenever you have the chance.
Best jungler champions that are strongest at this are those who are very strong at level 2 such as Pantheon and Camille.

The most recent jungle meta dictates that the least recommended path out of all is the last one since it depends a lot on the lane matchups and how they are playing the lane. The jungle path you choose will have a huge impact on how the game progresses later on and how much of an impact you will have in it so plan your pathing wisely in order to stay competitive and offer the most to your team in order to win the game.