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10 Best Champions for Season 10 Ranked

For players looking to climb faster in League of Legends Season 10, the place of meta champions is quite critic. Choosing the champion best suited to the meta in the role you are playing allows you to play more comfortably throughout the ranked season. This helps to increase your rank with winning games and win rate. Now let’s talk about S10 tier list champions.

LoL Season 10 Tier List

Solo Top

Kled, Singed, and Ornn stand out as the strongest solo top champions of League of Legends S10 tier list. These 3 champions are completely different from each other in terms of gameplay. But one thing they have in common is that they make the top lane unbearable for their opponents. These 3 champions who run the lane, can trade at any time they want. They can also deal high damage with their use of accurate abilities.


With their high game-making potential, Ekko and Shaco are the most powerful junglers of this patch. These two champions with high mobility can cause more trouble to their opponents with their style of play aimed at catching the opponent unprepared. During team fights or before, they can quickly remove at least one champion from the enemy team. They can also survive while doing it, and re-engage in the fights.

Mid Lane

In mid lane, we should emphasize three champions: Rumble, Diana, and Fizz. As you can see, there are strong champions who can leave their opponent out of position or missing at a time due to high AoE damage. Fizz and Diana have high burst damage as being an assassin. But after the Rise of the Elements update, they are better at eliminating their opponents. The ability updates that Diana received had a big impact on Diana’s entry to the meta. But right now, there’s a champion for the mid lane that everyone has to learn to play, that’s Rumble, the Mechanized Menace, one of the best champions in Season 10. Rumble doesn’t use mana, so he can push down the minion waves without spending any resource. He’s also very good at poking his opponents. The items he needs to strengthen are cheaper than those of other mid-lane champions’ needs so that he can get stronger and gain the upper hand in the early phases of the game. The fact that he has excellent crowd control from his ability set gives his team a great advantage in global missions.



Jinx, Caitlyn, and Aphelios. These hyper-carry champions can deal more damage than the damage needs of the team. The fact that they have quite long-range makes it really difficult to play against them in the lane. In addition, this allows them to take a more comfortable position in team fights. The only weakness of them is they’re not mobile. But that doesn’t mean they can’t slay opponents before they reach them.


Leona and Nautilus. These two champions, who are quite good at starting team fights and catching enemy champions, are the strongest support champions of the meta. The crowd control effects from their own ability sets make them inevitable. Almost all the abilities of these 2 champions apply stun and root. And these champions, who can handle high damage, can stand up like a wall in front of their opponents. There are several reasons for the return of the tanks in the support position, but Gargoyle’s Stoneplate is the main factor in it.

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