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LEC Match of the Week 5: Origen vs Fnatic

Origen vs Fnatic matchups has always been hype. Part of this because OG’s founder, xPeke, was a famous Fnatic player and before G2 reign, there were these two giants. Now, with two of the most strong rosters in the LEC, OG and FNC will battle for that juicy win in Week 5. These two played against each other in the first week of the LEC 2020 Season and OG won in a dominant fashion. We are going to look closely at this match and lay out our expectations.

LEC Match of the Week 4: MAD Lions vs Origen

After last season, everybody is keeping an eye on LEC. G2 might have won all LoL community’s hearth with their performance but all top EU teams considered elite and one of the best in the World. With the season’s start, analysts expected those same organizations from 2019 would resume being on top but there are some surprises on the ladder too. In other words, LEC keeps delivering and in this article, we are gonna look into the Match of the Week 3: MAD Lions vs Origen.

LCS Pro Player Stats: Week 2

With the return of familiar faces and the addition of new names, the hype around LCS has never been this much. Some teams still figuring out their footing however, after two weeks we can say which players and teams are ready for the split.

How LEC 2020 format works

EU has always been a strong and interesting league, something to keep en eye on. However, after the franchise implementation and renewing to LEC (League of Legends European Championship), all the eyes on LoL esports ecosystem are in the league.

Senpai TLDR; League of Legends Patch Notes 10.3

The current League of Legends meta is frustrating in many ways. New season is called “Rise of the Elements” however we are witnessing “Rise of the Supports” in every role. Other than that, Akali, one of the busted assassins in the game, is a big problem in both top and mid. In this League of Legends Patch Notes 10.3, Riot addressed some of the remaining issues and focused on mostly bug fixing.

Worlds 2019 Semifinals 2: SKT vs G2

 While one side of the bracket is featuring LPL autumn finals the other side is MSI semifinals rematch. G2 Esports is the second non-Korean team to ever beat SKT in...

Worlds 2019 Semifinals 1: FPX vs IG

Quarterfinals of Worlds 2019 have been completed and 4 giants are gonna clash in Madrid once before heading to the Paris for The Summoner's Cup. This the most stacked semifinals...

A Look into Worlds 2019 Quarter-finals day 2

In the last article, we checked the World Championship quarter-finals day 1, now its time to check the rest of the matches on Sunday.    Match 1: SK Telecom T1(5-1) vs. Splyce(4-3) Faker and...