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Cats vs Dogs: Skin Lines in League of Legends

Cats vs Dogs has been a source of argument amongst those who love either of these cuties as pets. In fact, this rivalry found its way into the League of Legends universe. An event was released in honor of these pets and it was fun.

In this universe (well, it is a universe in its own right), featured champions fall in one of the two categories. They then go up against one another to settle the rivalry once and for all. This contest was not held in secret, in fact, it recorded a huge turnout from the citizens of Runterra.

Regardless of whether Cats will eventually emerge victoriously or the Dogs will win, this skin line brought some of the most enjoyable skins in the game.

Cats vs Dogs – Cats’ Representatives

Pretty Kitty Rengar

(See image above)

Once again, the prettiest kitty… is the deadliest.


Cats vs Dogs - Meowkai

Maokai has, at long last, embraced his role as a giant, haunted scratching post.


Cars vs Dogs - Meowrick

A cat fancier hailing from the Forsaken Aisles of a Pets Supreme Superstore, Yorick does not have any unresolved issues involving or related to cats. Yorick is a perfectly normal gentleman dressed as a cat, surrounded by cats, who can call upon the esoteric powers of a giant, floating cat. You know, normal gentleman stuff.

Cats vs Dogs – Dogs’ Representatives

Corgi Corki

Cats vs Dogs - Corgi Corki

A dog trainer with some impractical ideas about canine aerodynamics, Corki has entered the world’s foremost pet show with a flight-enabled Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Why has he done this? What does he hope to gain? Is he really a Yordle, or just a very small man? These are all important questions.

Fuzz Fizz

Fuzz Fizz

Well, that’s horrifying.

Fuzz Fizz Prestige Edition

Fuzz Fizz Prestige Edition

There’s something deeply unnerving about a bipedal Cocker Spaniel mix running around society unchecked, stabbing pedestrians with a tennis ball grabber, and summoning other, bigger dogs out of the ground. And yet, here we all are. Together.


Cats vs Dogs - Pug'Maw

Pug’Maw is a nine-month-old purebred pug with a sweet disposition and possibly some sort of salivary problem. Great with children and pets. Highly food motivated. Has eaten three action figures and one doll, approach with extreme caution.

Archduke Nasus

Archduke Nasus

In primary school, Nasus was told an old dog couldn’t learn new tricks. Now, in his older years as an accomplished statesman, painter, and composer, he wonders if there is truth in those words. After all, he simply cannot seem to get his chamber orchestra to listen to his directions.

Wrapping Up

And that’s all the participants we have for the Runeterra Cats vs Dogs contest. I hope we get more characters for this skin line as it promises a source of a Versus event.

Do you support Cats? Or do you stand with Dogs? Let me know in the comments section. One universe that is connected to the Cats vs Dogs is the Toy box universe. You should check it out.

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