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Culinary Masters: Skin Lines in League of Legends

Hello Summoners and welcome to the Culinary Masters’ universe. Several League of Legends universes present stories and characters centered on wars, time travel, monsters, romance, and even cults and syndicates. However, we have only one universe that tells stories of –let me simply say– FOOD.

The Culinary Masters exist as characters featured on a cooking show. These guys are master chefs skilled in various aspects of the Culinary Arts. Try to think of your regular cooking show and you will have an idea of what these guys do.

On the other hand, this universe also features characters who excel at making fast food deliveries. Trust me, these guys arrive at the perfect time, are very polite, and safeguard your food.

However, I would like to state that all of the Culinary Masters will put their skills to use in the coming cooking competition. Yeah, those cutting skills shouldn’t only belong to a show. Let’s go check them out!

The Culinary Masters

Sashimi Akali

Akali is known for her slicing and cutting skills. It should not come as a surprise though, she trained once as a ninja. Now, all of her skills go into making the perfect slice; in both precision and depth.

Skin Story

She’s the fish ninja with speed on her side, the silent slicer, the death strike of deliciousness. Drop your guard and she’ll assassinate your palate. It’s your favorite and mine, Akali!

Barbecue Leona

The brisket queen herself, Leona flavors are said to stun first-timers. However, the real surprise comes when you behold her forty-pound grill.

Skin Story

She’s the solar pitmaster; the lean, mean, brisket queen. If her flavors don’t stun you, that forty-pound grill will. Please give a warm welcome to Leona!

Sinful Succulence Morgana

Culinary Masters - Sinful Succulence Morgana

Morgana’s expertise shines when it comes to making treats. Her delicacies will give you food-induced euphoria upon first bite.

Skin Story

She’s the original sugary sin, the dark diva of confectionary cunning, the fallen angel of fantastic flavor. Her terrifying treats will trap you in your seat. Let’s give a Culinary Masters welcome to Morgana!

Butcher Olaf

Skin Story

He’s the maestro of meat, the barbarian culinarian, the great northern butcher of the Winter’s Claw. He’s here for alimentary victory or literal death. Give it up for Olaf!

Baker Pantheon

Even though he is yet to realize his dream of becoming a butcher, Pantheon still pounds a dough to perfection. However that helmet of his has never come off, is he human?

Skin Story

He’s the armored dough-puncher, the Targonian Aspect of tasty pastries. He always wanted to be a baker, and now he’ll throw down in the ultimate cooking showdown. Put your hands together for Pantheon!

Master Chef Tahm Kench

Culinary Masters - Master Chef Tahm Kench

You have not eaten sushi if you are yet to taste any made by Tahm Kench. Although he is fond of cutting deals with patronizers, don’t fall for it.

Skin Story

He’s the sushi singer, the loquacious pescatarian, the big catfish with a big fish dish. He’ll prep you a meal, then cut you a deal. Here comes Taaaaaaahm Kench!

Culinary Masters – Food Delivery



Galio’s rivalry with Sivir stems from believing he performs better. Do not underestimate how fast he can deliver that chicken to your doorstep.

Skin Story

A proud and noble salesman of delicious fried chicken, Birdio is the regional manager (and salesman of the year) for one of the world’s largest chicken restaurants. Not one to be beaten at literally anything, he and Sivir have a well-documented rivalry over who is the better employee.

Pizza Delivery Sivir

Pizza Delivery Sivir

While Galio Birdio excels at chicken delivery, Sivir remains undisputed at pizza delivery. Her skill at spinning the pizza on arrival strikes awe in customers.

Skin Story

The fastest pizza delivery girl on the continent, Sivir has racked up an impressive nine consecutive awards from corporate headquarters and hasn’t seen a customer complaint since online reviews were invented. Her vicious rivalry with Birdio is well documented, and the two will do anything to one-up each other.

Wrapping Up

I am sure the Judges will have a hard time deciding the winner of the cooking competition. Judging amongst masters will present an almost impossible challenge. In your opinion, who do you think will emerge victoriously? You can also check out the Sugar Rush skin line.

Thanks for reading!

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