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DOTA 2 – A Comprehensive Guide to the Four Spirits

With the release of the latest hero, Void Spirit, we now have 4 spirits in Dota 2. With high mobility, skill cap, and burst, spirits are some of the funniest heroes to play, as we see more of them played both in our pubs and pro scene.

Although the spirits of Dota 2 are fun and appealing to play, their complexity and high potential make them hard to get used to. In this guide, we’ll talk about how to lane, build and fight with them respectively, thus learn how to dominate the pubs with them.

Storm Spirit

DOTA 2 Four Spirits: Storm

Storm Spirit has been around in the game for a long time, long before the other 3 spirits. With an initiator/assassin playstyle Storm almost always goes to mid lane, as he needs both the experience and gold as soon as possible to snowball in the game.

In the lane, he’s very good at trading with his Q and E, and can harass enemies efficiently while getting the CS easily as well. He can also clear the jungle camps quite fast, so don’t forget to stack and clear jungle creeps between creep waves. However, you should be careful until level 6, since you don’t have any escape mechanic before it.

As long as you are level 6, you can seek for possible rotations to other lanes. As a snowball hero, you are depending on getting ahead of your enemies by killing them over and over again, and you don’t want to play from behind. Always keep an eye on your mana and only jump if you are sure you’ll get the kill. To use your burst potential effectively, always target low HP heroes first.

Bloodstone is an always go-to item for Storm. The mana regen and reduction it provides is unparalleled by any item in the game, and as Storm, all you want is more mana to jump freely with your ultimate. Orchid is a stable purchase since it will increase your solo kill potential a lot, eliminating the risk of getting disabled back by the support you jump. However, Storm can get killed very easily if the enemy has roots or silences in the early game, so always consider an early Eul’s/BKB to counter get rid of disables and play more freely.

Ember Spirit

DOTA 2 Four Spirits: Ember
DOTA 2 Four Spirits

One of the two spirits that was released in the 3 Spirits update along with the Earth Spirit is Xin, the Ember Spirit. Being a versatile carry with a high skill cap, Ember can be played both mid and safe lane carry.The preferred builds and playstyle of the hero changed a lot since he’s released, which shows his versatility and adaptiveness.

The skill you max in the lane determines your preferred playstyle. You can max Q for better kill opportunities, W if you want to harass your opponent out of lane, or E if you want to trade and farm better. Once you have your ult, your insane ganking and escaping potential makes you a huge threat on the map, so use this to your advantage and try to dominate the early game.

You are extremely elusive, but don’t forget you can die to a single disable. Use your ult and W to create havoc in teamfights, while harassing and disabling their low HP heroes. You can commit to kills by using a remnant offensively, but don’t forget you will always have a jail free card if you leave a remnant behind.

As told before, Ember has many options in terms of builds, as meta builds for Ember change almost every patch. Some of the stable picks:

  • Maelstrom,
  • Eul’s,
  • and BKB.

Maelstrom is a very effective DPS item with his synergy with Ember’s W and is always worth buying. It must also be said that Ember doesn’t need many offensive items to deal damage. So you can prioritize not dying first with purchases such as Eul’s and BKB to play freely without the concern of a disable.

Earth Spirit

DOTA 2 Four Spirits: Earth
DOTA 2 Four Spirits

Arguably the hardest Spirit to play, Earth Spirit has an insane skill cap, and it will require hours of playtime and playstyle to use his kit at its most effectiveness. However, once you get a hold of him, the flashy plays and endless possibilities Earth Spirit provides is unmatched. He is almost always played as a roaming support, which his ganking potential can be used at its max.

Throughout both the early and mid-game you are very good at roaming and initiating fights by rolling in. The huge range of W lets you initiate from out of the enemy’s vision, so always look for surprise angles. Since all your abilities are skillshots, try for the perfect moment to hit them, and get used to their travel times and ranges.

We would highly recommend that you should master his skill combos before jumping to pubs. One missed skillshot can mess your initiation up and leave you in a dangerous position. Your versatile skill set can let you make clutch plays as well as great fails. Arranging your stone remnant usage is also very important when playing Earth Spirit. Your skills are not really effective without a stone enhancement, so never waste your stones and even try to use the ones you already created before.

As a roaming support hero without farming abilities, it will usually be hard to build items on Earth Spirit, but if you have the chance, tanky items such as Guardian Greaves or Crimson are always a good choice, as well as mobility items such as Force or Blink. As a luxury item, Aghanim’s Scepter can add even more utility to your arsenal for clutch plays if you can find the farm to build.

Void Spirit

DOTA 2 Four Spirits: Void
DOTA 2 Four Spirits

The newest member to the family, Void Spirit became very popular both in pubs and the pro scene, with his extreme versatility and flexibility. The hero can be played effectively in all the four roles except hard support, which some people even try doing. His mobility, burst, and utility make him great at all roles, and he doesn’t really need that much farm to fulfill his potential.

His E makes him trade very effectively during the lane. Especially after your power spike in level 6, you will have great kill potential on the map. Use your early and mid-game strength as the hero gradually falls off into the late game, until you have your 25 level talents. Always be active on the map and seek for kills.

Like the other spirits, you are not a great duelist but excel on diving in and out of fights. Always go for the backline and try to burst low HP heroes as your DPS goes very low after you use your abilities. Try to use your W to dodge projectiles and Q to follow up on other disables to maximize the potential of your kit.

You can go for both a utility and physical damage build to Void Spirit, but Eul’s and Agh’s will always be reliable pickups. You can use Eul’s both defensively and offensively to escape or land your Q and the AoE silence Agh’s provides more even more utility to your kit.

The newest hero in the game, Void Spirit is actually easier to play than the other spirits. So even if you’re a new player, try playing him as his playstyle will actually help you learn them too.

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