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Dragon Master: Skin Lines in League of Legends

Hello Summoner, the Dragon Master skin line exists in the Dragon World universe. It tells the stories of characters who sought to harness the Dragons for world domination. Mordekaiser tried it once and failed. However, Zyra believes she can succeed in his stead.

On the other hand, Swain and Udyr tried to master the power of Dragons to use it to liberate the world from the beasts. Swain was instead subdued in the process while Udyr keeps getting close to unlocking the key to wielding the Dragon spirits.

Then we have Galio, a true Dragon who guarded the ancient breeding grounds. He now seeks to pay Kayle back for deceiving him and destroying the eggs under his care.

Dragon Master

Dragon Knight Mordekaiser

Dragon Master - Dragon Knight Mordekaiser

Mordekaiser led the first Dragon invasion. Even he was finally defeated, legend says he will someday return.

Skin Story

The ancient dragons first rose to the call of Mordekaiser, the self-proclaimed Dragon Knight. Through his evil, the world was ravaged by flame, until a newly-formed order of Dragonslayers finally defeated him. His story would become rumor, then myth, then legend… at least, for now.

Dragon Master Swain

Dragon Master Swain

Swain started out with the pure intention of destroying the Dragons. He however got corrupted instead.

Skin Story

Seeking to turn the very essence of dragons against them, the great Dragonslayer Swain battled beneath the earth for the souls of ancient, long-dead wyrms. In his hubris, he was consumed by their power, emerging a corrupted thrall of the monsters he once swore to destroy.

Dragon Oracle Udyr

Udyr learned from Swain’s mistake. Channel the energy, don’t seek to force or master it.

Skin Story

To know the dragon spirit is to hold tightly to an ember that still burns. Only through discipline has Udyr survived such magic, seeking not to master the dragons—as many before him—but to channel their flame into a blaze hot enough to fuel his own rebirth.

Dragon Sorceress Zyra

Dragon Master - Dragon Sorceress Zyra

Zyra did not only learn from Mordekaiser’s defeat, she took a step further in the second invasion. She started breeding the Dragons.

Skin Story

Survivors of recent monster attacks tell stories of serpents in the sky and a powerful sorceress nesting deep in the mountains. If the rumors are true, it means the dragons have returned—and that this time, Zyra is breeding them.

True Dragon

Dragon Guardian Galio

Kayle and Galio

Galio has always been steadfast in his guard duties…unti Kayle tricked him. Now, he seeks retribution for her deceit.

Skin Story

A great dragon of old, who protected dragonkind’s ancestral nesting grounds from those who might do it harm. Tricked by the mad knight Kayle so she could destroy every clutch of eggs under his charge, he has followed her back to human society, so he might exact his vengeance personally.

Dragon Master – Wrapping Up

These stories have established the fact that the Dragons haven’t been completely destroyed. This is a good thing since it means the lore isn’t over yet. Will Galio succeed in carrying out his vengeance even in a human society? When will Mordekaiser return for another campaign of terror?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks for reading!

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