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Elderwood Ornn Skin Asking For Riot Games Social Impact Fund

elderwood ornn riot games social impact fund

“Honor is in the heart, not the name.


Hello Summoners! SenpAI is here to teach you that a person is only considered strong if they care about others, so today’s lesson is about humility.

For instance, you might’ve heard in the news that some place was suffering, and although you wanted to help, you didn’t know how to. What if I told you that you can do it through League of Legends Skins? Well, it’s nothing new that Riot sometimes creates a skin to use the profit for charity, they’ve been doing this for a couple of years now, yet many people still don’t know the existence of Riot Games Social Impact Fund. Wait… you don’t know about it too? Hm, how should I start? I see, let’s start from the beginning.

History of the Riot Games Social Impact Fund

Throughout the years, the community of League have always been indicating a will to help those in need, be it locally or internationally, players turned their will in reality through Riot Games, and in difficult times a helping hand might be everything you need. Let’s see a summary of every year that the Community helped the world to become a better place:


The players who purchased the Urf Warwick Skin helped the ‘Save The Manatees Club’.


The sales of the Champion Akali, and Nurse Akali Skin, were more than 162,000 US Dollars and aided Japan’s Red Cross after an earthquake.


For the Make-a-Wish Foundation with the Jaximus Skin.


The Oceania server used the Cosmic Reaver Kassadin to gather funds for local charities.


The League Dev Team decided to create the Championship Ashe Skin and turn 100% of the profits to charity. The result was an astounding amount of 2.4 Million US Dollars.


With the previous hit, the team organized better and decided to help more around the world and with the Dark Star Cho’gath Skin they raised 6.1 Million US Dollars and helped 21 regions.


Since Riot saw the need to be more active in this field because of its players, they started the philanthropic venture called Riot Games Social Impact Fund in early 2019, since then players donated over 15 million dollars to more than 25 different causes around the world.


In April 2020 players could vote for one out of three local nonprofit organizations in their region to receive part of the 6 million dollars that were gathered through the selling of the Dawnbringer Karma skin.

In conclusion, now that you know everything that happened you too can become an agent of change.

Elderwood Ornn Skin

Keeping the spirit alive, the next skin that will help people in need will be the Elderwood Ornn Skin, and SenpAI is giving away Elderwood Ornn Skins in a giveaway to help the cause. Join our ranks down below!

The New Ornn Skin launches in December 16th for the price of 1350 RP.

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This concludes the explanation on the new Ornn skin and the history behind the creation of Riot Games Social Impact Fund. Share this article with your friends and help make Summoner’s Rift and the world a better place for everybody!

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