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Fables Skin Line: League of Legends

Hello Summoner and welcome to the Fables Skin Line. This universe is quite unique in that while its lore should already exist, the stories are still interesting to readers. What does this mean?

The Fables skin line universe presents League of Legends champions as creatures of myth and legend. A better way to understand it is to think of the stories as if they are telling us about myths in our world. However, instead of the regular names we are used to, a champion who fits the description is used in place of the character that might occur to you.

I don’t know if you clearly understand all of that but don’t worry, you’ll understand once you read the stories.

Fables Skin Line – Valkyries

Dark Valkyrie Diana

Fables - Dark Valkyrie Diana

While Leona represents everything a Valkyrie should be, Diana succumbed to temptations and became everything a Valkyrie should not.

Skin Story

Occasionally, a valkyrie will be seduced by the comforts of mortal life, and be cast out from the halls of Valhalla. Understandably, this makes them pretty upset with Valhalla‘s whole management style.

Valkyrie Leona

Valkyrie Leona

Even though the one she loves fell from the hall of the Valkyrie, Leona still stands steadfast in her duties. One day, the fates will return Diana back to her.

Skin Story

Hail the valkyrie, for she will descend upon the field of battle, and raise our greatest warriors into the halls of Valhalla! Those she doesn’t take with her go to the underworld, or sometimes the ocean, though they don’t tell you that before the whole ‘dying in battle’ thing.

Fables Skin Line – The Ocean

Loch Ness Cho’Gath

Loch Ness Cho'Gath

Ever heard of the Loch Ness monster? In this world, Cho’Gath is the Monster.

Skin Story

Citing nothing more than a blurry photograph, the locals in one isolated town insist on the existence of a large, predatory marine animal that grows in size every time it feeds. The reports are otherwise unsubstantiated, but the spike in tourism has been great for the local economy. Not the disappearances, though. Those are bad.

River Spirit Nami

River Spirit Nami

While river spirits are beautiful to behold and harmless in appearance, do not fall for their guile!

Skin Story

Once upon a time, a young farmer was enchanted by music coming from the deep jungle and followed it to the grove of a river spirit. Overcome by her beauty, he went to embrace her—and was dragged screaming into the emerald waters below, never to be seen again.

Siren Cassiopeia

Fables - Siren Cassiopeia

Ever heard of Sirens? Cassiopeia is one of them in this world. However, she’s still trying to fight against her nature.

Skin Story

A humanoid marine serpent known for luring sailors to their deaths, Cassiopeia has a bad reputation and wants to set the record straight. She’d need to stop turning interviewers to stone for that to work, but at least she’s trying.

Ghost Bride Morgana

Fables - Ghost Bride Morgana

If you encounter a weeping lady weaning a wedding dress, do not follow her!

Skin Story

Legends speak of the weeping bride who searches for her lost husband along the river bank and takes revenge upon the living for their happiness. Parents sternly warn their children to beware this ‘ghost bride,’ for those who go with her are never seen again.

Fables Skin Line – Others

Leprechaun Veigar

Leprechaun Veigar

If you need wishes granted, go find the genie of the lamp. Whatever you do, avoid the ‘magical leprechaun’

Skin Story

Contrary to popular belief, Veigar won’t grant three wishes, isn’t a fairy, and doesn’t hide gold coins at the end of a rainbow. He will, however, kill you. Which is none of the things you want out of a magic leprechaun.

Sasquatch Nunu

Fables - Sasquach Nunu and Willump

Just as always, ‘it is good to be good’

Skin Story

Here is a tale told by the softly falling rain, to a grove of trees. After helping the guardian of the Mossborn Forest free his paws from a hunter’s trap, a young boy is swept into adventure, like a pile of autumn leaves dancing on the wind…

Muse Sona

Fables - Sona

Sona is one of the entities that whisper inspiration in your ear. Ever wondered where some ideas come from? Remember the Muses.

Skin Story

Sona is a goddess of inspiration, compelling her worshippers to create profound works of art for all the world to see. Forgotten with the march of time, she has recently enjoyed a resurgence of followers in the form of coffee-addled waiters working on their ‘next big screenplay idea.’

Wrapping Up

While going through these characters, you will find some of them familiar if not all. Now, you understand why I said the Fables skin line is unique in its own right. Another exciting universe is the Battlecast skin line.

Thanks for reading!

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