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Forgotten Depths: Skin Lines in League of Legends

Hello summoner, welcome to the world of the Forgotten Depths. As its name implies, this universe centers on stories and lores of the legends of the deep. Although characters bear some similarities to Bilgewater stories, they are fairly independent of the latter.

In the Forgotten Depths universe, you get to encounter three parts of the stories. One is the part that tells of the once great city of Atlantis. Another centers on the inhabitants of the deep and the last tells of people who ventured to the Deep.

Atlantis was once a great city populated by a proud civilization. However, no one knows what brought about the sudden destruction of the city. Stories tell of a great evil that drew the city down into the depths of the sea. Whether this is true or not, I guess we can only speculate.

Roaming around in the deep are creatures so old and hidden that stories about them are rare. Although the vast majority of these creatures concern themselves with only devouring unfortunate prey, others might help one lucky sailor or two.

Some tales tell of men who decided to brave the Deep. Of these stories, only two are really proven. However, these characters were forever changed by the experience.

Forgotten Depths – Atlantis

Atlantean Fizz

Forgotten Depths - Atlantean Fizz

Fizz was the leader of the Great Atlantean Army. Whether his army survived or not, we do not know.

Skin Story

“When I was very young, my grandfather told me stories of Atlantis—of their high temples and great undersea army, and their great General Fizz. Grandfather remembered it as it was, you see, and not the silent mausoleum it has become.”

Deep Terror Thresh

Forgotten Depths - Deep Terror Thresh

Thresh roams the seas looking for unfortunate souls to trap in his diving bell.

Skin Story

“If there really was a kingdom beneath the sea, it must have been destroyed long ago. How else do you explain the revenants that prey upon these shores? How else does that thing—Thresh—exist, trapping our souls in his accursed diving bell?”

Atlantean Syndra

Atlantean Syndra

Syndra is proof that the Atlanteans wielded immense magical power. However, that might have been the cause for the catastrophe that befell them.

Skin Story

“The Atlanteans were skilled in magic, we know that much is true. But the extent of their power is truly unfathomable… to this day we cannot know if they persist in some forgotten corner of the world, reanimated by whatever dark thing has taken their once-proud city.”

Forgotten Depths – The Divers

Deep One Kassadin

Deep One Kassadin

Kassadin decided to brave the waters to find someone dear to him. Fifty years have passed and now news of his return has started drifting around.

Skin Story

“Kassadin vanished at sea over fifty years ago. Whatever you saw down there—if you did see anything—it can’t have been the same man I watched fall into the drink. And if it was… gods help us.”

Abyssal Nautilus

Forgotten Depths - Abyssal Nautilus

Nautilus is probably the only one who knows what happens to divers claimed by the Depths.

Skin Story

“Never once have I sailed these waves looking for missing divers. Something unnatural lives in the depths, and I fear what it does to these lost souls.”

Forgotten Depths – Deep Sea

Deep Sea Nami

Forgotten Depths - Deep Sea Nami

Nami’s presence is the only thing that pushes back the monsters in the Deep. However, encountering her has a very low probability.

Skin Story

“I saw her! Where light ceases and one is alone with the cold darkness and the sea, she appeared before me—a wordless, ancient thing, pulsing with an unearthly luster as vicious shapes twisted in the gloom beyond.”

Deep Sea Kog’Maw

Deep Sea Kog'Maw

Kog’Maw’s hunger knows no bounds. Anyone unfortunate enough to fall into the Deep will most likely become his next meal.

Skin Story

“Perhaps my old mind was deceived by the fury of the storm. Yet as we sank, I glimpsed a field of lights beneath the waves, a thousand eyes of wicked alabaster… they were dark things tearing into the flesh of our crew as if all they ever knew was hunger.”

Coral Reef Malphite

Forgotten Depths - Coral Reef Malphite

Malphite exists as the proof that even though you make it across the ocean, you are not safe until you get home.

Skin Story

“When I was young, I used to watch our ships sail back to port—but of late can’t bring myself to look. For every vessel that docks, another runs aground of coral that was not there before. It’s as though even the seabed has turned against us, slowly moving toward some unfathomable end.”


The Forgotten Depths skin line has a lore that I love. One reason is because of its Atlantean and Oceanic theme and another reason is because of the three-part storytelling. The Cosmic skin line is another cool one to check out.

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