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Hecarim Regionals Performance – SenpAI Analysis

Hello Summoners! We love League of Legends just as you do, and we watch a lot of professional games. From Brazil to China, Korea to NA, and we’ve made some analysis on what pro-players are picking. Today’s analysis will be about Hecarim, he’s a great pick in professional leagues for his clear speed and map pressure.

Don’t forget you can check our LIST OF CHAMPIONS TO SEE BUILDS RECOMMENDATIONS! Now let’s start with our analysis.

Finals Stats

Overall win rate for Hecarim on these Pro matches: 83,3%

SenpAI’s Build:

Hecarim build: Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Turbo Chemtank, Deadman’s Plate, Force of Nature, Thornmail, Spirit Visage.

As you’ll see, our App suggests a very similar approach to Hecarim, and here the Thornmail and Spirit Visage are what you could change more easily if you want to, you can go for a Warmog’s, a Randuin’s, or even a Guardian Angel.

LPL Finals


Participation rate: 100% (It was either picked or banned)

Game 1 – Length 31:11

Hecarim Banned

Game 2 – Length 30:42

Hecarim for FPX and FPX Win

Early game: Hecarim started with Hailblade and the Reffilable Potion. Went for a full clear starting on the Red Buff, finishing top side to take the Scuttler. On the first back he bought the completed boots, farmed some more and killed the first dragon (Ocean). Tried to gank but didn’t work, farmed the camps again and killed the Herald.

Mid game: After releasing Herald in the top, he went back to base and gave up the second dragon (Infernal). From this point he started stealing the enemy camps, and ganking from peculiar places. The second Herald was released on the mid lane to put pressure and secure the second dragon (Cloud).

Late game: At this point Hecarim was so far ahead that he went wherever he wanted. Kept control of the Baron, third and fourth dragon (Cloud Soul). The game ended after a fight for the second Baron.

Hecarim Build: Turbo Chemtank, Dead Man’s Plate, Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Winged Moonplate and Negratron Cloak (Going for a Force of Nature).

Game 3 – Length 26:39

Hecarim for EDG and EDG Win

Early game: Same start as last match for both items and farm to rush the Ionian boots. With boots Hecarim becomes so much stronger that he faced the opponent Udyr in the jungle and won.

Mid game: He tried to take the dragon but his botlane couldn’t help, so he waited a little more and took the Herald. The enemy team took the dragon (Infernal) in exchange for the bot lane. After the second Herald and the first dragon (Cloud) for his team, Hecarim started invading the enemy jungle non-stop.

Late game: The team overextended after a turret dive and had to recall, giving the third dragon (Mountain) to the opponents. The game was very close for both teams, but the first Baron at 22:26 turned into a snowball for EDG and they finished the game a couple minutes after it.

Hecarim build: Turbo Chemtank, Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Dead Man’s Plate, Warden’s Mail and a Kindlegem (Going for Randuin’s Omen).

Game 4 – Length 25:07

Hecarim Banned

Game 5 – Length 28:40

Hecarim Banned

LCS Finals

C9 vs TL

Participation rate: 100% (It was either picked or banned)

Game 1 – Length 48:31

Hecarim for TL and TL Win

Early game: Calling the start of the match as bad would be a compliment. C9 knew how Hecarim must be played, he goes for a full rotation, and after killing the first Scuttle he goes back to base and buy boots. But TL came prepared and denied both Scuttles, and even an early invade on his Raptors. This delayed the potential of Hecarim by a lot. This allowed Udyr to control the first dragon (Infernal), first Herald, second dragon (Ocean), second Herald, third dragon (Cloud).

Mid game: At this point most teams wouldn’t believe in the victory, but after a steal of the potential Soul for C9 and a good fight, they were even able to secure the first Baron of the game and became equal in gold. TL took their second dragon (Cloud), but after a bad fight, C9 tried to end the game at 31:30 only to see themselves surrounded by TL. C9 retreated and TL took the second Baron.

Late game: When the sixth dragon of the match spawned, C9 was already there to take it, but once again, the hero Hecarim stole it. A couple minutes later C9 gave up the Soul for TL in exchange for the Baron. The fault in this logic is that even though C9 started pressuring, TL just resisted and waited for the buff to expire, after that C9 had nothing and the Soul was still there for them. The fight for the Elder Dragon decided the game and TL took it home.

Hecarim build: Turbo Chemtank, Randuin’s Omen, Thornmail, Plated Steelcaps, Chain Vest (Going for Guardian Angel).

Game 2 – Length 41:29

Hecarim for C9 and C9 Win

Early game: This time Hecarim started with Emberknife and the Refillable Potion, and although he did a full clear, on his first back he bought the Standard Boots and a Ruby Crystal, which might not be the best option, but he was adapting to the game. Now with positions switched, TL’s Udyr took the first dragon (Ocean) and the first Herald. Hecarim took the second dragon (Mountain) and the second Herald, which was used in the mid lane to put pressure and secure their second dragon (Cloud).

Late game: After a really bad fight for Cloud’s side, TL took the baron and widened the gap in gold reaching over 6K and reached Soul Point. But you didn’t read that TL won this match, right? C9 as professionals started picking enemies out of position and slowly but surely turned the tables. Securing two Barons and a dragon, it was just a matter of invading the enemy base and destroying everything.

Hecarim build: Turbo Chemtank, Force of Nature, Randuin’s Omen, Mercury’s Treads, Aegis of the Legion (Going for Gargoyle Stoneplate)

Game 3 – Length 35:26

Hecarim Banned

Game 4 – Length 39:10

Hecarim for C9 and C9 Win

Early game: Went for Emberknife once again, but after the full clear he bought the Ionian Boots. Udyr controlled the first dragon (Ocean), Hecarim did the first Herald. Knowing he had control over the area, C9’s jungler decided to use the Herald only after the dragon (Cloud).

Mid game: The third dragon (Mountain) of the game was exchanged for the Herald, where Hecarim focused on the Soul. TL’s Herald was used in the mid lane (almost wasted), because the team didn’t want to take the turret and only placed for the headbutt. TL was playing reactively according to C9’s actions, but they should be the ones dictating the rhythm.

Late game: The game was very farm focused, even at 26 min into the game the score was 1-0 for C9. They controlled the dragons and got the Mountain Soul at 27 min. TL on the other hand decided to control the Baron, but as mentioned before, after a couple minutes the Baron buff expire and the Soul still exists. After taking the Elder Dragon, and the second Baron, C9 easily closed the game.

Hecarim build: Turbo Chemtank, Randuin’s Omen, Force of Nature, Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Kindlegem (Could be used for a lot of items) and a broken Stopwatch (Guardian Angel).

Game 5 – Length 27:35

Hecarim for TL and C9 Win

Early game: 2-2, both teams needing the victory, but we see a rematch exactly as in the first game. Standard start for Hecarim on the blue side with the Hailblade and Refillable Potions, but no one expected the AMAZING strategy that C9 would deploy.


Let’s start by stating that they had a lane swap, so the top laner goes to bot lane, and your adc and support will go to top lane. This way they invaded the enemy blue in three people and the Udyr cleared all of Hecarim’s top side. Hecarim goes for his Red Buff, then to Krugs and lastly to Raptors, but when he checks his wolves, they’re gone, he then decided to go for enemy Raptors, but Udyr is there, which doesn’t make much sense, so Hecarim decides to go steal the enemy Blue Buff, but when he gets there, there’s no Blue Buff and no Gromp, only wolves, to his surprise it was all schemed by C9.

Plot twist:

Remember they lane swapped? Well, C9’s top laner picked Sion which has a Zombie passive that allows him to clear the blue buff and the Gromp at level 1 without any help, of course he dies in the process, but he has teleport and goes back to lane with a lot of experience and gold, denying everything he can from Hecarim. This puts so much pressure on Hecarim, because now he wasted so much time just walking through the map without farming. C9 knows he’s on wolves and went all-in to kill him, and they got it.

Late game: The summary of this match is that C9 got themselves so far ahead of TL with the snowballing that the only objective TL got was one Herald, not even a single tower. While C9 had all dragons and two barons and a gold gap of 15K, sealing the last match and getting first place in the LCS.

Hecarim build: Turbo Chemtank, Plated Steelcaps, Chain Vest (Could be used for a lot of items), Bramble Vest and Giant’s Belt (Going for Thornmail).

That’s it for today, we hope you understood that there isn’t a build that fits every match, but SenpAI provides you the BEST BUILDS SUGGESTION, including RUNES and SPELLS. Download SenpAI for Free and start winning more matches.

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