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High Society: Skin Lines in League of Legends

The High Society skin line centers on prominent characters who exist as a part of the elite community. From remorseless killers to award-winners and artists, this world reflects some of the perceived features of historical elites.

For clarity, the High Society skin line is not connected to the High Stakes universe. However, it is said to have links to the Toy Box and Cats vs Dogs universe. Whether this skin line has been forgotten or if it will receive updates in the future is unknown.

The skins feature really cool and funny appearances and effects. You are bound to enjoy using them while playing the relevant characters.

Gentleman Cho’Gath

High Society - Gentleman Cho'Gath

The only civilized attributes of Cho’Gath are his manners when welcoming his food guests.

Skin Story

Prior to indulging in the delectable taste of his victims, Cho’Gath prefers to invite them to his humble 40-acre mansion. There, he offers scones and jam, with a spot of tea… so his guests may savor their last meal before becoming one themselves.

Gentleman Gnar

High Society - Gentleman Gnar

A gentleman who bears no ill-will towards those around him. Gnar is a widely celebrated elite in the High Society.

Skin Story

Some believe Gnar‘s wealth came from his groundbreaking research into economics and linguistics. Others question whether his investors favor him purely for his undeniable charm. Either way, he now finds himself receiving award after award—the latest being a sculpture of him in ice, rumored to never melt.

Archduke Nasus

High Society - Archduke Nasus

Well accomplished and a veteran of many fields, Nasus’s only challenge lies in music.

Skin Story

In primary school, Nasus was told an old dog couldn’t learn new tricks. Now, in his older years as an accomplished statesman, painter, and composer, he wonders if there is truth in those words. After all, he simply cannot seem to get his chamber orchestra to listen to his directions.

Aristocrat Vayne

High Society - Aristocrat Vayne

Vayne’s path to fame was simply her hunting prowess. She hunts not mere animals but monsters and any who follows the dark.

Skin Story

Vayne never imagined slaying monsters would bring her fame and fortune. Now that she has them, she finds it terribly difficult to return to a life when her crossbow and arrows weren’t made from pure gold.

Marquis Vladimir

Marquis Vladimir

While Vladimir has a way of getting under people’s skin, he has been getting less and less invitations to social gatherings.

Skin Story

At the last ball he attended, Vladimir stole everyone’s heart. Strangely enough, no one has heard or seen those attendees since…


That will be all for the High Society skin line…at least for now. When you check out the Cats vs Dogs pictures, you will find characters from this world in the backgrounds.

Another fun fact is that Amumu’s party skin might be a part of this universe.

Stay tuned!

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