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Highest Win Rate Champions in Patch 10.6

League of Legends Patch 10.7 introduced a lot of new stuff, most notably reworked Wukong. There are several balance changes but when we look at the tier list, we still see some champions from patch 10.5. Just like our past tier list, we are going to focus on the highest win rate champions amongst divisions. Let’s take a look at them!


Patch 10.6 Highest Win Rate Champions on Bronze

As you notice, Wukong is everywhere. The Monkey King was so broken when Riot promoted him to live servers, they had to hotfix him immediately. Wu still has enormous power and playmaking ability that he is dominating three lanes in Bronze.

Yasuo will always be on this list due to his popularity. However, that doesn’t mean he is bad. On the contrary, a good Yasuo can carry his team no matter which division he is. Jhin was on the list the last patch but Miss Fortune is new here. It looks like after dominating high elo several weeks, Bronze players discovered her power.


Patch 10.6 Highest Win Rate Champions on Silver

The highest win rate champions in Silver are not that different from Bronze. We still see Wukong, Garen and Yasuo. However, there are some key champions we have to mention here.

One of these is Nocturne. He is really an effective mid laner with a considerable amount of wave clear and damage. After Guardian Angel purchase, which should be around 22-23 min mark, he has the potential to one-shot enemy carries without fear of death. Especially in higher elos, Nocturne-mid is being used for weeks.

Another one is Kog’Maw. In lower elos games tend to stretch more than higher elos. Kog is a hyper-carry but he needs protection. With Nami, he can be unstoppable.


Patch 10.6 Highest Win Rate Champions on Gold

Percentages change but Wukong reigns in Gold too. We have to mention Nunu in the jungle tho. He is one of the hidden OPs of the League of Legends. With fast clear speed and plenty of tankyness, Nunu can bring so much to the Rift. It’s no surprise people abusing him in lower elos.


Patch 10.6 Highest Win Rate Champions on Gold

It’s no surprise that similar picks are preferred in Plat compared to Gold and Silver. Champions like Wukong, Nunu, Senna and Nami still dominate the division.


Patch 10.6 Highest Win Rate Champions on Gold

Diamond is the division that priorities change. In the first look, we see Elise, Katarina, Cassiopeia, and Bard. Elise is one of the most preferred jungle champions in the higher elos so that makes sense.

Cassiopeia, on the other hand, has been a top bot pick tier since last year, when meta shifted away heavily from traditional ADCs. Her E has low CD and this allows her to play the lane like an ADC. On top of that, she has strong CC and some kind of escape mechanism.


Yes, the “real meta” is here. Challenger players thrive to play the “most effective” champion in the game. These can differ from division to division due to champions’ complexity or gameplay difference between divisions. Let’s take a look at the champions.

In the top, we see Cho’Gath, Vayne and Kled. We’ve seen Kled but Cho and Vayne are the first-timers in our list. Cho can be really tanky and recently got some buffs. Vayne is just another “range top” champion popular in the Challenger. Besides Vayne; Quinn, Kalista, even Caitlyn can be played on the top lane.

Ivern, Rengar and Sejuani are the highest WR champions in the jungle for challengers. All of these champions allow you to play more strategically, except maybe Rengar because you need to snowball him in order to win. Sejuani also got some recent buffs and ever since she is a top tier jungler not only in Challenger but also pro-scene too.

In the mid lane we see Pantheon, Neeko, and Cassiopeia. Pantheon is one of the most broken champions in the game. He has wave clear, semi-global ulti and strong duel potential. But Neeko is completely another story. With Glacial Augment, she is more like a utility mid laner rather than a strong carry. This doesn’t mean she does not deal enough damage. Glacial slow allows her to apply CC more reliable. This also open up more trade and catch opportunities. Just like Cassiopeia, Syndra’s been on the bot lane meta since last year. She needs some items to be effective but due to her kit, she provides a strong area control.

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