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How LEC 2020 format works

EU has always been a strong and interesting league, something to keep en eye on. However, after the franchise implementation and renewing to LEC (League of Legends European Championship), all the eyes on LoL esports ecosystem are in the league. There are more enjoyable playstyles, more fun teams and much more banter around. With the inevitable success, LEC keeps renovating itself and now it’s time for format changes.

During the last seven years, playoff format remained the same for the LEC. Riot Games decided some format changes for the new decade and we have to say, it’s something that everyone expected for years; double elimination.

How does it work?

So basically, every team has to play at least two series in order to reach Finals. With the introduction of the double-elimination system, every team will have a fair shot to win it all. Losing a match-up will not result in direct elimination and it’s important to give teams another chance to prove they are worthy of the championship.

Playoff schedule

As you can see in the image, 5th and 6th teams will start from the loser’s bracket. Split’s winner will a chance to choose their opponent in the first round. In the first week, teams will battle to advance to the next round. We’ll know our first finalist in the second week. In 3rd week, we will witness  Loser’s bracket final and after this series, we’ll have our Spring Split Finalists. All of the playoff series will be Bo5.

The second big change about LEC 2020 format is Championship Points. Now, championship points will only matter to seeding in the Summer Playoffs. Teams will continue to earn points in Spring and Summer Split though. This means the Regional Qualifier tournament is gone and Worlds participants from LEC will be selected directly via Summer Playoffs.

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