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How to Avoid Ganks

We’ve all been at the worse end of a gank when playing League of Legends and we know it doesn’t feel so good when you are caught off guard and suddenly you’re against two players instead of one. What’s even worse is if you die and the enemy minions are close to your turret and when you return to the lane you’re a whole level or even two below your enemy and he can practically destroy you in the lane.
The worst-case scenario that can possibly happen is if you get ganked, used your flash and still died, lose 2 waves of minions under your turret and after respawning you teleport to your tower but the enemy jungler is camping the lane and he ganks and kills you again. This doesn’t happen very often but it probably happened to the best of us at one point in time and it’s really frustrating, not to mention, almost impossible to come back and manage to win the lane.
Anyway, a normal gank is bound to happen especially in the toplane or midlane since it’s usually easier to swing those two lanes in your favor. The LoL pro players are actually on the level they are because they are able to avoid ganks efficiently and waste the enemy jungler’s time which is not a very easy task. So what you want to learn when playing toplane or midlane is how to avoid the ganks that the enemy team is throwing your way in order to increase your chances for your entire team to win the game because when the enemy jungler is around your lane and he isn’t getting any kills he’s starting to fall behind and stops being a huge threat later on.

Use Wards

The first and most important thing that will provide basic protection against ganking junglers is your warding totem. Being able to see the enemy jungler coming will allow you to react accordingly and avoid getting killed in the gank. Depending on the enemy’s jungle pick the ward timing will be different because some junglers have a really strong gank at level 2 which they acquire after killing their first jungle camp and they can be in your lane as soon as like minute 2:15 which can catch you by surprise. So if you see someone like Shaco or Twitch in the jungle it’s very smart to ward quite early. 

Some champions need to expand their kits and get a few levels and even an item before they can effectively gank so against these champions, warding a bit later, at around the 3rd minute of the game is perfectly fine.

If you’re playing toplane on the blue side your first ward is best placed in the river brush because most junglers take that path early to get to you as fast as possible, while when you’re on the red side it’s best to ward the tri-brush to be able to see if the jungler is trying to sneak in behind you and cut off your escape.

If you’re in the midlane you have two options for an early ward but the safest option is to pick a side and ward the brush that is the entrance to the river and try to maneuver your champion more toward that side when moving around and farming in the lane. This is the same for both red and blue side.

In the botlane the standard wards for blue side are the tri-brush and for the red side team, it’s the brush in the river. Some botlaners and supports opt to ward the river near the dragon pit in order to spot the enemy jungler much earlier but it can sometimes backfire because the jungler might take a different path and completely avoid your vision and catch you by surprise.

Apart from your warding totem, it’s an absolutely great idea to invest in a pink ward whenever you can in order to gain even more vision and be much safer. Those wards, when placed, last till they are destroyed and also block the vision from normal enemy wards in the area. It’s a great investment if you’re expecting the enemy jungler to play around your side of the map because this way you’ll waste a lot of his time making room for your team to gain an advantage on the other side of the map.

In the later stages of the game, you can advance your vision and place wards in deeper locations of the enemy jungle in order to spot their jungler while he’s clearing his camps. If you’re toplane on the red side, a great deep warding location is in between the blue buff and the gromp. With this ward, you can see the gank coming from miles away and if the jungler is trying to clear his camps and he’s unaware that he’s on your vision, you can even swoop in to steal the camp or even kill him on the spot.

For midlane it’s really good if you can push the wave and gain access to their red side jungle and ward there to keep track of where their jungler is and be able to act accordingly.

Warding, while a great tool to avoid ganks, it’s not the only thing that will keep the jungler away. Even if you don’t have any vision in the river you can spot a gank coming by the actions of your opponent.

Reading Your Opponent

Another very common way that LoL pro players do in order to avoid dying when being ganked is reading their opponent in the lane. The way they move their champion around the lane can tell a lot about where their jungler is on the map and whether he’s close to gank you or not. For example, if the opponent was only last-hitting and suddenly he runs straight at you and wants to fight your it’s a pretty good tell that his jungler is quite close and you’re about to be ganked. Another example would be if the opponent stays with a lower health bar and instead of backing away he’s constantly taunting you to go in and try to kill him. When this happens there’s a pretty high chance that he has his jungler somewhere close and they are trying to bait you and gain the advantage. 

Reading your opponent can even help you out when you’ve decided to place a ward in the brush. When you start walking towards the brush you want to ward, keep an eye on what your opponent is doing because if he leaves a bunch of minions and starts following you, there’s a high chance of the enemy jungler already being in the brush and waiting for you to find yourself between a rock and a hard place. Whenever you notice this type of behavior, it’s much better to step back right away and postpone the warding in order to remain safe from a jungler that might be camping the brush. Keep playing safe and defensive afterwards till you can spot the enemy jungler on another side of the map because chances are that he’ll be waiting for you to extend in the lane so he can swoop in for the gank. 

Aside from avoiding ganks, there’s a very cool thing you can do in order to help your team whenever you see a jungler coming over to gank you. If he’s on your vision you don’t have to back away immediately in order to stall him out and waste his time so he can’t impact the other side of the map. You should proceed to play as you did but make sure you’re ready to react if you see him moving in towards you. 

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