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The Best 5 Mid Lane Champions for Season 10

How to Climb in Solo Queue

Climbing the ladder in League of Legends is something that every player out there is trying to do and everyone are doing it for different reasons. Some are trying to climb to challenger in order to attract the attention of scouts and maybe get signed for a pro League of Legends team while others just want to show off in front of their friends and family with their achievement. Regardless of the reason the climb to challenger isn’t an easy one and it requires patience and perseverance as well as a lot of practice and skill. There’s a huge chance that you get very frustrated when you’re trying your best to climb the ladder but it isn’t going so well, because even if you do your best, it’s not always up to you since you have 4 more players that need to perform up to the level in order to be able to win the game. People refer to this as elo hell and blame it all on their teammates while ignoring their own mistakes in the game and what they could do different in order to improve their chances of winning. 

There’s a way to be able to carry the game on your own with little help from your teammates but that requires you to have picked the right champion that can go 1v5 as the game goes by and we’re going to expose some of the champions that can do that especially if you have a great early game with them and you get fed. 

Climb To Challenger Through The Top Lane


This is an assassin champion that is quite strong at all points of the game and if she has a good enough start and gets fed, she can carry the entire team on her back when played by a skilled player that has put in significant amount of time in practicing her. She has an incredible kit that allows her to dance around the enemy team, jumping from target to target while dealing an immense amount of damage and at the same time slowing and stunning the enemies. In the right hands this assassin is the deadliest one in the game because she can often go against 3 enemy champions and manage to emerge victorious getting a triple kill. Definitely the champion to go for if you’re looking to get out of elo hell and climb to challenger.

Climb To Challenger Through The Jungle

Getting to challenger through the jungle is the trickiest one because junglers are often starved from farm and their role is mainly to help their laners get ahead so they can carry the game, however there are a few champions that can carry from the jungle position and one of them is Master Yi.

Master Yi is an assassin type of champion who seems easy to play at first but has a lot of interesting micro mechanics you can do that can make the difference between bronze and challenger. This champion is able to carry the game in the later parts because he can put out a huge amount of damage and even though he’s a squishy champion that can be easily killed the fact that he can dodge the enemy spells by using his Q makes him extremely tricky to deal with. He has his ultimate that speeds him up and allows him to close the distance and in the hands of a pro he’s extremely difficult to stop from killing the entire enemy team.

If you’re looking for a champion that you can carry with from the jungle, Master Yi definitely fits the bill.

Climb To Challenger Through The Mid Lane


This is a champion that can be played in a few different ways since her kit allows you to be able to pick from a few play styles and even change your play style as the game progresses. You can go in and assassinate an enemy using one rotation of your spells in the mid and late game while in the early game you can use her mobility to stay safe in lane as well as roam to other lanes and gank opponents. She also has a very good wave clear which allows her to constantly push the opponent and control the lane by not allowing him to help his team as much as you. 

Climb To Challenger Through The AD Carry Position


One of the latest additions in League of Legends on the AD carry position is actually a great pick if you’re looking to carry your team to victory through this position. The reason Kai’Sa is our top pick for this role is the fact that she can deal both AP and AD damage to opponents which makes it near impossible to itemize against her and she will surely shred you in mid and late game team fights. She has a great kit as well which allows her to reposition in the middle of fights while dealing devastation amounts of damage to the enemies. She also has a great chasing potential of fleeing enemies and a long range skill shot that she can utilize to snipe an enemy that is low on health. Her kit also allows her to initiate fights and her passive synergizes perfectly with supports that have a stun in their kit. 

Climb To Challenger Through The Support Position


This is a champion that can be absolutely devastating to the enemy team in the right hands. She’s extremely strong in lane because of her kit and if you’re good at hitting straight line skill shots it will be impossible for your opponents to come close to the minions. She has a stun and a slow spell that have a low cooldown so she can constantly harass the enemies chipping away their health bars so they would either have to risk getting killed or they would have to play far back and fall behind on gold and items. Even later in the game she offers a great deal of utility and damage since her ultimate also has a low cooldown and can be used quite often. You’ll have to be careful when playing lux and not get caught out of position because she is very squishy and can be blown up in an instant. She’s best played when positioned in the back line dealing damage and stopping enemies from a distance. 

Lux is an absolute god in the support position regardless of the lol meta, if you have put enough hours into the champion and adapted the play style needed to carry your team. 

The climb to challenger can be very demanding of both time and effort on your part but knowing on which champions to focus on in each role will surely make it easier for you since you’ll be able to master them all and perform at your peak each and every game.