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How to Climb in TFT Ranked – Tips & Tricks

how to climb ranks in tft ranked

TFT is a mixed game that benefits your luck and the capability of forward-thinking, having a bad mentality will probably be caused by your bad luck and will affect your forward-thinking and decision making. This is going to cause you to lose the game obviously. Today we are here as SenpAI to teach you the ways to climb that ranking ladder.

How to Get Better in TFT

Don’t Force a Comp

You should always keep track of your opponents’ boards and keep track of your shop, never force a comp with your trust in one or two champions, and always think about the game state and power-spiking champions. You should have 3 strong composition choices in your mind and should be able to choose one of these which is not contested by your opponents.

Think Ahead

The early game is a misty phase that requires you to pick flexible champions that are useful in couple compositions and have an impact in the early game. For example, going brawlers in the early game can be good preparation for many compositions, you can go for Chosen Elderwood build, or you can keep your brawlers as front-line in Mages, Hunters, and even Duelists through mid-game. Also, keep track of your items to select what you pick in the Carousel.

Be Aware of Your Economy

The economy is your firepower, use it with strategic timing and try to avoid firing your gold mindlessly. Being able to force a power-spike is the difference between a win or a loss in many games, because of that, you should always be ready to go for that power-spike with your only resource in the game, your gold. Constantly rolling over and over is basically praying for the coin-flip, don’t be that guy and take leashes! You can use our Economy Guide to learn the most common economy strategies.


You should always eliminate factors that you have control on. Your desired champion might be running away from you but be sure that your luck is responsible for that, not you. Scout often and always possess information about your opponents, their power-spikes, and their items. Don’t be afraid of switching a contested composition and being flexible.

Another importance of Scouting is counting the champion pool, every game has a limited number of every champion. You can’t encounter the champion you seek if there isn’t any. Don’t forget, you need to merge 3 one-star champions to obtain a 2-star champion so count 2-star champions as 3 and 3-star champions as 9 and subtract them from the total number. Champion counts are differentiated for every tier, there is a list down below.

Tier 1:

29 of each champion.

Tier 2:

22 of each champion

Tier 3:

21 of each champion.

Tier 4:

16 of each champion.

Tier 5:

10 of each champion.

Know Your Power Spikes

The most important aspect of winning a game is using your strong points and taking action at the correct time. Using the correct strategy on the right states is the most convincing way to the winning ladder. Invest your gold for powerful champions to optimize your power spike. Keep the item components until the mid-game to secure correct items for your most desired champions.

Know Your Mistakes and Take Action to Get Better in TFT

Analyze your losses to improve your gameplay, is it your fault or is your opponent too strong is the first question. If it is your fault to try to find the problem:

  • Did you prioritize the wrong champion in your comp?
  • Is it because of wrong positioning?
  • Did you choose a weak comp?
  • Is it because of the wrong itemization?
  • Did you spend too much gold at the wrong time?

These are the questions you should ask and try to solve your weak points by the enlightenment of their answers. You can solve these weak points by analyzing good TFT player streams or through Guides.

Be a Meta Slave

There is always at least one powerful and broken comp or a champion in the game. Be aware of the most powerful compositions and champions and try to benefit from these strong choices. By the hit of your luck, you can win the game effortlessly in certain compositions. Try to go for these comps if you seem to have a high-roll. Although forcing a comp is nearly always end up in devastation, forcing a peak performance comp can be necessary like every comp with Ahri in the mid-phase of this set.

Make a Smurf

You can use a smurf to get into the right mindset to play well. You can also sacrifice the elo of your smurf instead of your main for the first game of the day, also you can try a new composition with it. Since losing a game is not the end of the world for them, smurfs can help you to relax and also practice at the same time and provide you a chill game experience against lower division players.

These are all for our tips, for now, you can benefit from our other Guides to get better in TFT, League of Legends, and VALORANT! You can also download our desktop app which will contain TFT in the near future to get better at these games!

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