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How to Play ADC Like Pro

ADC (attack damage carry) is a very important role in League of Legends and a lot of pressure is on the shoulders of the player in this role because the entire team will be relying on him to put out the damage when the teamfights break out. It’s not just for the teamfights but also for the objectives on the map. Since the ADC is usually a ranged champion, your team will need you to attack the turrets from a safe distance when you are doing a siege. 

Basically, assuming the role of ADC means that you have the potential to help your team win the entire game or make a small mistake and lose it in an instant. There’s a lot to cover for this position in order to become a god tier LoL ADC and nowadays it’s easy to quickly achieve that pro ADC status by training with SenpAI 100% personalized replica that will help you adjust your play style by turning your weaknesses into strengths and also provide some actionable recommendations that will improve your overall performance. You can sign up for free by clicking right here and see for yourself how much it can help.

God Tier LoL Champions for ADC

For starters what you want to do in order to learn how to play ADC like a pro, you’ll need to follow the LoL meta and make sure that you’re playing the right LoL champions. Here’s an ADC LoL tier list of champions that you should focus on learning how to play:

  1. Ezreal
  2. Kai’sa
  3. Xayah
  4. Lucian
  5. Caitlyn
  6. Draven
  7. Varus
  8. Ashe
  9. Vayne
  10. Jinx

Currently these are the 10 champions mostly played by the pro players in their matches so it stands to reason that these are the current most impactful League of Legends champions for the ADC position. There are a few people throwing some weird ADC picks like Garen and Mordekaiser but they aren’t traditional ADC’s and we’ll cover those picks in another post.

ADC Probuild

Once you decided on which LoL champions you are going to master you need to get familiar with the builds that go along with the specific champion. When you load into the game you have some recommended items for each champion and they are divided into core items that would suit your champion regardless of the game’s development, situational items that are good in specific situations and starting items.

As an ADC it’s best to start either with a Doran’s blade or a Doran’s shield and a potion. The item that Pro ADC’s opt in most often is the Doran’s blade because it gives you damage, health and a small percentage of life steal and it’s great for last hitting and poking the enemy. The Doran’s shield is often bought if the enemy has a stronger champion with extra range and you just want to survive the lane without dying too often.

When you’ve farmed up some gold, ideally around 1400-1500, you should go back and get an additional item which will be just a component before you get the final one that will increase your damage output significantly. Most ADC we mentioned on the list want to get the BF Sword item on their first back since it’s a crucial item that builds into final items like Infinity Edge that have high damage output. The easiest way to keep your mind out of what you need to get is to sign up for free by clicking on the link for the SenpAI which will enhance your gaming experience by a huge margin.

ADC Mechanics

While item choices are important they are not the most crucial point that will make you a god tier LoL ADC. The most important thing are your mechanics which need to be practiced by playing the game. When we say mechanics, firstly we mean last hitting or farming the minions. 

Last hitting is the most crucial of all mechanics that will get you to a class above your enemies because by last hitting the minions you’re gaining gold which will enable you to buy the items you need to deal massive amounts of damage and win the game. Make sure you put enough time into learning the way your champion attacks and how much damage he deals in order to be able to last hit the minions properly. 

Another important mechanic while farming in lane is trading damage with the enemy ADC and Support. It’s extremely important to sneak in a few attacks now and then in order to chunk out your opponents and make your laning phase much easier because if they don’t have enough health to fight you they will stay back and you can farm the minions without worrying about dying in a 2v2 scenario. It’s not too complicated to master and all you need to do is be aware of the health of both your and the enemy minions. Whenever you see one of your minions getting to a point where the enemy ADC can last hit it, you can safely assume that he is going to go for a last hit on the minion and while he’s doing that you can step in a bit and attack him for 1-2 auto attacks which will give you a beneficial damage trade. Of course you have to be careful not to overstep but in essence that’s how trading in lane works. It takes some time and effort to get comfortable with farming and trading at the same time but if you’re truly dedicated to become a pro ADC player you’ll get there eventually.

The final mechanic is the teamfighting mechanic which usually happens a bit later in the game after the laning phase is over and you all have grouped together to try and take some objectives on the map. When teamfighting it’s important to deal as much damage as you can to the carry champions of the enemy team while keeping a safe distance and avoiding death. When fighting in teamfights, where you stand in the fight is extremely important and it matters the most that you master that. Although we said that you should aim to hit their carries do not attempt to do so if that is going to put you in a position where you could die and lose the entire fight. If you have an enemy champion in your face, attacking you, even if it’s a tank you should focus him down and try to take him out first before trying to go through him and hit the enemy carries.
There’s one mechanic that is a bit harder to master but it will definitely make you a god tier LoL ADC if you manage to master it and that is kiting in teamfights. Kiting means taking steps in between attacks and trying to avoid the skill shots that enemies throw your way as well as trying to gain the much needed distance if you have an enemy attacking you at close range. 

Quick Summary

To summarize everything we mentioned before we can split the phases of the game in 3 parts.

Early game you should focus mainly on last hitting the minions and let your support deal with harassing and trying to damage the enemies. Especially when you’re just starting to learn about the ADC role and you’re not practiced well enough in last hitting minions. After you’ve put in some time just farming in lane it will be much easier to implement the occasional poking and damage trading with your opponents.

In the Mid game you’ll need to try and help out your team as much as you can because around this time you’ll begin to group and try to siege and take objectives, however, don’t forget to keep farming because as an ADC you’re the one that has to deal the most damage in the later stages of the game. 

When the Late game comes you should definitely stick with your team and try not to get killed instantly by the enemy assassin. Pay attention to the path you’re taking when getting to your team after being in base and avoid places that don’t have any vision placed by your team because that’s the easiest way to get caught and killed by the enemy team. Make sure you’re on edge and ready to teamfight because by this point your team is probably looking for ways to get the jump on the enemy team and try to win a teamfight for which they’ll definitely need your damage output.

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