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How to Positioning in Team Fights as an Assassin

Assassin is a League of Legends champion that has the ability to render useless one important target of the enemy team by, as the name suggests, assassinating them and then dodging away from the fight giving your team the much needed man advantage to win the skirmish and bring yourself one step closer to emerge victories in the game. LoL assassins are extremely fun to play because they have the ability to dash and blink around the fight while putting out a lot of damage and killing opponents left and right. They have a lot of potential to make a smart outplay over your enemy and it always feels very good when you are able to pull those out. 

There are a lot of assassin champions in League of Legends and they are all fun to play but in general they have the same strengths and weaknesses.

Strengths Of LoL Assassins

Assassins are extremely mobile and can navigate the fight quite easily to get to their target, they deal an immense amount of damage, usually to a single target, especially after they get their ultimate, they can leave their lane in order to get some kills on other lanes and they are very hard to stop once they gain an advantage. 

Weaknesses Of LoL Assassins

On the other hand, assassin champions in League of Legends are extremely squishy which means they can be easily killed if they are pinned down, most of them are quite hard to master, a whole lot of them have a very hard time in the early game, they need a bunch of levels and items to start being relevant and if the enemy team has a reliable stun, they are easy to kill. 

LoL Assassins – Early Game

As we already mentioned in their weaknesses, assassins are weak during the early stages of the game especially at level 1. They are most vulnerable against fighter champions that has an objective to get close to you and fight you face to face knowing that they would emerge victorious in that duel. They are also weak against mages that can auto attack from a distance and have a damaging spell that can waddle down your health bar to the point where you are forced to miss out on farm and even go back to base at an inconvenient time. 

The trick to playing assassins in the early game is quite simple and straight forward but really difficult to execute if you don’t have a sufficient mastery of the champion. All you have to do is to try and avoid face to face fights with fighter champions while using your spells to simultaneously farm and harass your enemy. When facing squishy mages, the early game strategy would consist of dodging spells as much as you can and trying to last hit minions while using your spells to damage the opponent and eventually try to go in for the kill. 

Once you hit level 6 and you get your ultimate it’s a completely different story because most assassins get a huge power spike at this level. Most assassins are able to kill the opponent from full health if they manage to hit all of their spells. 

LoL Assasins – Mid Game

Once the early game is coming to its end, as an assassin, this is your time to shine. The proper thing to do is to quickly kill the minions in your lane and duck into the darkness of the fog of war to try and roam to another lane where you can pick up a kill or two. You might even catch someone on the way over there and get an easy 300 gold because at this point, assassins do a ridiculous amount of damage in an instant and it’s almost a sure kill for any wandering enemy champion. Even the sole pressure of you disappearing from the map will put the enemies in a state of uneasiness and make them wonder if you’re on your way to assassinate them. Once you get a kill or chunk someone pretty low and he somehow manages to get away, you create an advantage for your team and you can ping out an objective on the map that you can take or at least pressure which is a step closer to winning the game.

LoL Assassins – Late Game

Late game gets very tricky for assassin players, even those who have mastered their champion because at this point in the game there won’t be targets that are wandering the map alone but most teams will group up and go for team fights. What you want to in these situations is try to stay on the side where the enemy team doesn’t have vision of you and wait for an opponent to step out of position, than quickly pounce at him with everything you got in order to kill him quickly and secure an advantage for your team. 

Lurking on the side of team fights is where you should be even if the enemy team stays grouped and no one steps out of position. You have to make sure that you’re out of vision and try to gain access to their backline where their damage dealers are so you can quickly take care of at least one of them when the fight breaks out. Usually once the fight starts, their front line will attack your front line trying to go past them and get to your backline where your damage dealer is. This is the perfect time for you to try to circumvent the fight and get to their backline where you can execute at least one of their damage dealers in order to win the fight.

Final Thoughts

The champions are very fun to play but also very hard to play to the highest level. They require real practice and a lot of time put into them before taking them to ranked queue. In the hands of a master LoL assassins can discourage the enemy and win any game with ease but if you don’t know the champion you’re playing well enough you’ll probably end up feeding the enemy and won’t be able to do much the entire game.