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How to Set Up for Objectives in League of Legends

At one point or the other in League of Legends, you would have heard about objectives and wonder “what’s the fuss about them?” You see, objectives are a very important part of every game, infact, I can safely say that no game is winnable without them.

From securing dragons to bringing down turrets, you should regard objectives as very crucial. You do not want your opponents to get their hands on them as these game elements can make the difference between a win or loss.

While the enemy’s nexus is the ultimate objective, the game contains other conditions you have to meet. If you ignore them, your win-rate will always remain on an all time low. The reason is that they give buffs and advantages that help a team claim the victory.

For example, take a look at the dragons, you receive a buff that depends on the type of dragons you slay. If you destroy the enemy’s inhibitor, you gain a superminion that makes your minion wave significantly stronger than a normal one. I explained this better in the Dragons in League of Legends article, you should check it out.

Now, let us examine the various ways to Set Up for Objectives in the game.

Set Up for Objectives With Vision Control

Set Up For Objectives - Warding

Whenever you want to set up for objectives in League of Legends, vision control is very crucial. I am intentionally using the term Vision Control and not just Vision. The reason is that getting vision control goes beyond mere warding; it includes removing enemy vision in an area. 

When you set about gaining vision control for an objective, you basically want to control what the enemy sees. In this case, we want the opponent to play blind in that area. So, whether it is the Dragon, Rift Herald, or Baron pit, establish a solid vision control before it spawns.

When the objective spawns, and both teams are vying for control of the area, placing and denying vision become difficult to properly execute. The team with better vision control can focus on taking advantage of the enemy’s lack of information to come out ahead.

Now, how do you establish vision control? A good idea is having an Oracle Lens on the support and jungler while the ADC gets Farsight Alteration (blue ward). This way, you can set about clearing out any enemy wards in the area before placing yours. The blue ward can be used to reveal the area from a safe distance so you do not walk into an ambush.

You should check out my post on The Rules of Warding, I thoroughly explained the art of warding.

The Minion Wave

For this one, you want to make sure that your minion wave is pushing into the enemy’s half of the map. That means you have to push in your wave before rotating to the objective your team wants to take.

When you do this, you force the enemy team to make a choice that will favor you either way. The other team has to choose between allowing your minions to siege multiple lanes or allowing your team to take the objective. Most of the time, the opponent will go with the first choice which will still be in your favor.

From the mid to late game, minions become very powerful sieging and pushing tools when used right. Correctly manipulating the wave will allow you to punish the opponent for trying to contest objectives.

Set Up for Objectives Through Early Recalls

Set Up For Objectives - Arrive Early
Early recalls mean getting back faster

This point is easy to pull off as it involves you recalling to get items or components before taking an objective. Epic monsters are very good examples for this action because you can always monitor their respawn timers.

To pull this off correctly, you want to time your recall in a way that allows you to return to the action area before the objective spawns. On returning to the fountain, you can spend your gold and recover health and mana.

Simply put; executing a timely recall before going for an objective gives you item, health, and mana advantage. If a fight breaks out for the objective, you will be in a better position to fight.

If You Can, Make Pickoffs

Making a pickoff refers to you killing an isolated enemy champion, especially before an important teamfight. You can pull this off with another teammate to guarantee the kill. It works best with the Midlaner and Jungler roaming to pick-off the enemy’s Jungler.

Killing the Jungler puts the enemy team at a Smite disadvantage since your Jungler is available  to secure the objective. You might be wondering how to make good pickoffs when you have no idea where the enemies are. Don’t worry, I got you covered.

Whenever it’s safe, you should always ward strategic places on the enemy’s side of the map. Some good places for monitoring the enemy’s Jungler include:

Enemy Raptors

Enemy Krugs

Tri-bush behind the Enemy’s Blue Buff

Various Jungle Entrances

Always make use of pings

Wrapping Up

Always remember that no two matches are ever the same. With enough practice and experience, you will know the right decision to make for various scenarios. The SenpAI.GG LoL Desktop App is capable of displaying the timers for epic monsters. This way, you can easily track them and plan ahead.

Thanks for reading!

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