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Laning Phase 101: How to position and counter pick as Support

The support position is unlike the other roles in League of Legends in terms of mechanics and gameplay but it’s equally important to be a god tier LoL Support player in order to make your ADC life easier. Supports don’t require a lot of gold to be useful so farming as a mechanic is not really needed if you’re a support main. However, they are still impacted by the League of Legends meta changes and often times, different League of Legends champions will be stronger than others because of the LoL build and how it synergizes with their abilities. Of course in every patch there are different LoL tier list of the strongest supports but today we’re focusing on something else. 

Nevertheless, the making of great support player isn’t in the amount of meta champs he can play but in specific types of mechanics that support players have to master in order to climb the League tier list all the way to challenger.

Mastering of Essential Mechanics for Support Players

Like we mentioned before, support players have different challenges when it comes to mastering mechanics. While all the other roles need to know how to farm efficiently, this isn’t required for the support mains because they aren’t farming while the laning phase is going on. All the farm in the lane goes to the AD carry while the support is protecting him. As a support you won’t need too much gold to get to your prebuild and be effective in the game.

The mechanics you need to master as a support will depend on the type of support you’re playing and the type of support the enemy team is playing. This is why, one of the most important mechanics as a support playing is being able to counter pick your opponent or, in other words, picking the LoL counter to the enemy support. 

There are 4 main classes of supports, utility supports, engage supports, sustain supports and AP supports. All of these classes counter each other and knowing which class counters which will give you an advantage even before the game started. So the circle goes like this: 

  1. Utility supports > engage supports
  2. Engage supports > sustain supports
  3. Sustain supports > AP supports
  4. AP supports > utility supports

Once you know which classes counter which and you’re able to counter the enemy support by picking a class that counters his, the game should be much easier on your part of the map. 

We mentioned this first because everything else we write further will be dependent on whether you have the counter pick or you got counter picked by the enemy.

Vision and warding is another thing that is essential to master when you’re a support. You AD carry is way too busy farming and dodging skill shots thrown by the enemy support to think too much about the vision and where to put his wards, so this responsibility fall on to you as the support player. If you managed to counter pick the enemy support in game and you’re winning the match up early on, keeping your wards up against a potential gank is the most crucial for you safety. If you fail to do that, the advantage you secured could be undone with just one gank that could be prevented by a ward that doesn’t cost anything.


While your AD carry is busy killing minions and trying to get to the items he needs to be relevant in the game, you’re supposed to help him out win the farm game against the other AD carry. Depending on the class of support you got you are able to do this in several ways:

Utility support – as a utility support you’re able to offer some damage spell, protection spell, some healing and a crowd control spell that can stop the enemy in its tracks if they try to engage on your or your AD carry so make sure you stay alert if you’re playing this class because you might need to react very fast.

Engage support – if you picked out this class of supports you’ll need to constantly look for opening in the enemy positioning in order to go all in and try to kill the enemy AD carry or support.

Sustain support – this class of supports is best at healing themselves and their AD carry so the best way they can contribute is to stay a bit behind their AD carry and provide heals and shields if he gets jumped on, by the enemy.

AP support – this class of supports is the one that want to constantly harass the enemy botlane by throwing spells out every time they are in range. Being able to chunk down the enemy botlane will result in them backing off while your AD carry is able to freely farm.