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Laning Phase 101: How to Position and Farm as a Mid Laner

Mid Lane is probably the most important role in League of Legends and having a god tier LoL Mid laner on your team makes the game much easier for everyone. While the meta champs that are played in the midlane change from patch to patch, there are some aspects of the midlane laning phase that doesn’t change regardless of the League of Legends champions that are strong on that particular patch, the LoL meta and the LoL tier list of strong champions that naturally build the items that give them the most effective stats for their ultimate LoL build. 

What remains unchanged is the mechanics you need to master in order to get to the level of god tier LoL Mid laners and we have exactly that explained further in this article.

Mastering of Essential Mechanics for Mid Laners

Among the makings of a great League of Legends player is having great mechanics in the game which will bring you to a whole level above your enemy in lane and get you ahead in terms of gold, items, summoner spell advantage and overall map pressure. Dominating the mid lane is no easy task since it’s the most populated role and there are a lot of players trying to climb the league tier list through that very role.
As for the majority of roles in League of Legends, farming is crucial and the first mechanic that we’re going to mention when it comes to playing the mid lane correctly. The only way to get to the item spikes you need to be impactful on the map is by farming minions so it doesn’t really matter what is the current League of Legends meta like or the mid meta champions, farming will always be important. 

How you are going to farm in the lane will largely depend on the type of champion you’re playing and whether or not the opponent managed to pick your LoL counter champion in team select or not. It will also depend on your jungler as well as the enemy jungler and lastly if you picked an aggressive summoner spell or a defensive one.

  1. If you picked a champion that is melee like Kassadin, you’ll probably have some trouble farming the wave, especially if the enemy mid laner has a ranged champion that is able to harass you every time you get close to the minions to farm. It’s very important that you know the match up you’re in so that you can get the most out of it and know when to go for a minion and when to let one go so you don’t get chunked down or killed.
    Farming in this disadvantageous situation is quite tricky because you’ll have to exercise an enormous amount of caution when going for a last hit on a minion. It’s best if you have a ranged spell on a short cooldown that you can utilize to farm but if you can’t you’ll probably have to miss a few minions and sacrifice farm in order to keep up with levels.

  2. The junglers also have a role here that might influence the mid laner ability to farm the lane. If the enemy jungler is on a champion that excels in ganking lanes you’ll either need eyes on him all the time or you’ll have to play cautiously because he might be lurking around waiting for you to go for a minion and gank you. On the contrary if your jungler is one that is good at ganking, you can cooperate with him and try to kill or at least chunk out the enemy mid laner which will allow you to freely farm the lane knowing that the enemy mid laner is low on health and can’t go for the same harassing trades he could a few moments ago.

  3. The summoner spell you take in the beginning will also have an impact on your farming in lane. If you picked teleport as a spell you have two options, you can take a few harassing trades and farm all the minions then utilize the teleport to recall, heal and come back with an early item advantage or if you’re playing a champion that is good at impacting the map and you want to save your teleport to go to another lane and gank the opponents there, then it’s best if you play defensive and miss on a few minions so you don’t get killed.
    If you took an aggressive spell that has kill pressure in lane like ignite, you’ll want to utilize your spells to trade with your opponent as much as you can so that he becomes scared of getting killed by you and you can have some more freedom while farming. 

The second thing that is crucial when playing the mid lane regardless of which of the LoL champions you picked, is the positioning you keep throughout the laning phase. 

  1. The positioning you take should be toward the side you warded where you can see the enemy jungler approaching to attempt a gank. It is way easier to react when you see someone from a mile away than it is when he’s already in your face doing everything in his power to kill you.

  2. Another thing you should keep in mind when you’re thinking about positioning in the mid lane is where your jungler is. It’s much better to position yourself closer to the side where your jungler is because this way he’ll be able to react and come much faster if the enemy mid laner engages on you, trying to kill you.

  3. The type of champion you have is also important. If you’re playing a champion that can quickly go to another lane and help them out, you need to check which lane is currently winning and try to play more to that side of the map so you can have a faster access to that lane and gain an even bigger advantage.
    On the other hand if you’re playing a champion that is strong 1v1 because of the items in his probuild you’ll want to stick to playing against your lane opponent and get as many kills on him as you can or if you can’t kill him try to deny as much minions by constantly chunking his health bar down so that he has to return to base and heal.

  4. The positioning of your opponent is also very important as well. A lot of LoL Pro players are able to use their own positioning to make sure the enemy goes to the side of the map they want to giving their jungler a better chance to execute a gank properly.

The few guidelines we laid out for you above should become as a second nature to you if you want to become a god-tier LoL Mid Lane player since they are all something that the best of the best are utilizing to gain advantages and carry their team to the much-desired victory.