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Laning Phase 101 – Objectives and playing with your Jungler as Mid Laner

Expanding our previous LoL 101 articles regarding the laning phase in which we explained how the counter matchups work and how to roam around as a mid lane player, this LoL guide will focus on playing around objectives with your jungler as a mid laner.

As a mid laner, doing a mid lane roam is one of the key things that you need to do in order to secure advantages for your team. It’s wise to take all chances when you can roam around and either secure vision or an objective that will propel your team forward.

It’s crucial to remember that since you’re mid player, no matter which side your jungler is on he’ll be almost always close to you so you can coordinate with him.

If you read the previous article in these series and practiced your mid roam timings, coordinating those timings with your jungler will elevate your gameplay even further and get you some honors for shotcalling.

League Of Legends – Securing Objectives as Mid Laner

A lot of LoL players are convinced that objective control needs to be done by the jungler only and that’s where they are all wrong. It’s a team effort and it’s a very important aspect of the game. One of the things that separate the best LoL players from those that are average at best is helping your jungler constantly. As a mid laner it’s especially important because you have access to both sides of the river and the enemy jungle so you have many options to explore.

Roaming and helping your jungler to secure an objective can be done in several ways. Roaming to the bot side and securing the dragon or going to the top side of the map and securing the Rift Herald are among these choices. Invading the enemy jungle and securing a kill on the jungler or diving the enemy mid laner as he’s struggling to farm under his turret and trying to secure plates also standout too. These all are good choices, but they are so situation-depended.

⦁ The roam to the dragon pit is pretty much straight forward although you need to have your bot lane in the proper position as well. İf your bot lane is pushing toward the enemy turret and your jungler is on the bot side, the dragon should be easy to take. If the enemy decides to respond they will have to concede a lot of farms and your bot lane will have a faster route to come and help.

⦁ If your jungler is on the top side of the map and the Rift Herald has spawned, it will be beneficial for you to coordinate with your jungler and secure that. It would be even better if you top laner is able to push the minion wave and come help as well but it’s not too critical if he can’t. Securing the Rift Herald before the 14th minute will grant you some plates and gold so whenever he’s up and alive on the map it’s wise that you get the Eye of the Herald and use it.

⦁ If neither the dragon or the rift herald is available on the map you can call your jungler and invade the enemy jungle. This may result in a kill of the enemy or stealing some camps away from jungler which will deny him gold and experience. Both options are good, however, don’t get upset if you can’t get a score. Even dropping a ward to enemy camps will help your team!

⦁ If you have a pretty strong counter champion and you were able to wither down the enemy health bar before your minion wave hit the turret, you can coordinate with your jungler to apply some pressure. Again, it’s not crucial to have a kill, it’s nice to have, but denying minion or experience means a lot to you as a mid laner. Be careful if you decide to go for this option because we’ve seen a lot of LoL videos of failed dives which resulted in the enemy gaining the upper foot and winning the match up afterward.

⦁ As a mid laner there’s one more thing you can do while roaming and that’s ganking one of your other lanes. This requires more time so you’re risking a little bit in case the roam doesn’t result in a kill. However, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to catch the enemy off-guard and outnumber them considering your jungler is around to support you as well. Ganking the top side of the map is often much easier because there’s only one enemy champion you need to worry in lane and 3 against 1 is pretty easy to handle. But if it’s a dive under the enemy turret, extreme caution is advised.

The least you can gain from roaming as a mid laner is securing vision which isn’t a small thing because if you can track the enemy jungler all the time it will be extremely hard for him to gank any of your teammates. Having vision would make enemy jungler’s job much harder than it already is. There’s little risk involved in roaming when your lane is pushed and the information you can get is critical for your entire team.

Properly roaming and coordinating with your jungler to take objectives is what the best mid laners in the world are doing and if you want to better your gameplay you should be doing this as well. The mid lane is especially important for roaming and securing objectives on the map, both neutral and turret objectives so try to use every possible moment and at least secure some more vision for your team.

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