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Laning Phase 101 – Objectives and playing with your Jungler as Top Laner

An extension to the previous article on roaming as top laner is this LoL 101 top lane guide which focuses on how to roam in order to secure an advantage, being able to pick up an objective, and coordinate with your jungler.

Roaming when you have the chance is one of the most crucial things you can do as a top laner especially if the Rift Herald is up and your jungler is nearby. As a top laner, once you’ve pushed the minion wave to the opponent’s turret there’s not much you can do besides roaming and secure vision or taking an objective with the help of your jungler.

If your jungler is on the other side of the map you can try and secure some plates from the turret to increase your gold but that’s risky because you’re too close to the turret and you’ll be susceptible to ganking.

As top player you’ll have to get a hold of roam timings because this is what will really elevate your gameplay and get you some honors from your teammates.

League Of Legends – Securing Objectives As Top Laner

The majority of players on League of Legends think that securing neutral objectives on the map should fall entirely on the jungler because he’s free to roam on the map and farm the jungle but in fact, it’s a team effort and it would all go a lot smoother if everyone participated. Helping out your jungler as a top laner to secure objectives is something that will get you further in the LoL tier list because it is what the pro players are doing and that’s how they get to where they are. Since we covered when and how to roam as top laner in the previous LoL guide, in this one we’ll talk about how to play around objectives with your jungler.

Because you’re on the top side of the map, the objectives on this side are the Rift Herald, the turrets and the jungle camps of the enemy team so naturally, there are three things you can do together with your jungler to secure an advantage.

⦁ When your lane is pushed and the Rift Herald is spawned on the map you can ping your jungler to come to the Herald and secure the Eye of The Herald for yourself or the jungler which later can be used to summon the Herald and get you some plates off the enemy turret.

⦁ After pushing the lane to the turret you can also call your jungler and try to execute a dive on the opponent which will get you either a kill or at least push him out of the turret and give you an advantage over him because he will lose minions and you will be able to damage the turret, taking plates. Be careful though, because this is really hard to execute and it can easily swing in your enemy’s favor.

⦁ If you’re unable to do any of the above you should coordinate with your jungler and invade the enemy jungle camps which can result in warding the jungle so you can spot the enemy when he’s on that side helping you avoid being ganked, you could steal the camps if they are spawned giving you and your jungle an experience advantage over the opponent while simultaneously putting the enemy jungler behind in both gold and experience, and you can catch the enemy jungler off-guard trying to farm his jungle. You can get a kill on him which is the most beneficial one of all.

Even if you end up only securing vision with the roam to the jungle, it’s a plus for your team because when the enemy shows up there he’ll be spotted and your entire team will have this information and can play accordingly. There’s no downside with this play unless their entire team is somehow expecting you to do this and they are waiting in a bush so you end up getting ambushed but the chances of that happening are very slim, especially in the laning phase.

Another thing you can do which is quite unorthodox in this situation is to roam towards the mid lane and try to pull off a gank on the enemy mid laner. It’s uncommon because the mid lane isn’t too close and if the gank is unsuccessful you might end up losing some minions. But if the enemy has your counter pick and the gank you attempted ends up getting you a kill, you’ll no longer be in a disadvantageous position. Both your mid laner and jungler will propel ahead of their opponents. We’ve seen a lot of League of Legends videos where this happens and the enemy top laner starts complaining and flaming their mid laners because they were winning the match up before they gave over a kill for you and you were able to get to your items much faster making you stronger in the match up that you were supposed to lose and were losing up to that moment.


Knowing when to do this play and doing it will definitely help you out become a better top lane player and will undoubtedly improve your chances of winning because League of Legends is a team game and this really helps the entire team in so many ways. Remember, there are no downsides and great risks involved.

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