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Laning Phase 101 – Playing around objectives with your Jungler as Support

Support-jungle synergy has been quite important since season 3. As you can remember, we’ve explained how to roam as a support in our LoL 101 laning phase article. Now we will move on to playing around objectives with your jungler as a support player.

The current position of your jungle will play a role in whether you can go for a roam with your jungler or not because if he’s all the way on the other side of the map it would take too long to roam and help out. In this case, it’s much better to roam just a little bit and ward the nearest jungle entrances to be able to spot enemy jungler is.

If you want to climb the League of Legends tier list as a support player, it’s not enough to just know how to support your ADC but also how to help your other teammates with roams.

League Of Legends – How to roam as a Support player with Jungler

The jungler alone can’t be responsible for the neutral objectives on the map even though this is the popular opinion among players. It’s supposed to be a team coordinated effort and you, as a support, can provide a lot of help. LoL is a team game so everyone has to pitch in to be able to secure the important objectives around the map. As a support you’re usually on the bottom side so whenever your lane is pushed out to the enemy turret you can go ahead and roam to help the rest of the team. There are a few options for you but if you’re looking to secure an objective with your jungler, you can either go for the dragon when it’s spawned, invade the enemy jungle and try to catch the enemy jungler by surprise, steal a bunch of camps or just drop some vision wards so you can track the enemy. You can also try to pull a gank on the mid lane if your teammate pushed too far. Remember, while ganking making it 3v1 in your favor would help a lot.

⦁ Whenever your lane is pushed you can leave your ADC alone or you can both roam up the river and try to take down the drake with your jungler. The coordination between you and the jungler should be top-notch. You should also consider where the minion wave is in the mid lane because the enemy mid laner can easily come down the river and kill one of you off if you’ve taken a lot of damage by the dragon. As a support you’re the easiest target because you’re not farming any gold so your LoL build is delayed and if you’re playing support that is squishy you could die instantly.

⦁ Another thing you can do is go behind enemy lines in their jungle and try to ambush their jungler while he’s farming a camp. If you’re unable to find the jungler while camps are alive, it’s still a win because you’ll drop wards to camps. Whether you find the jungler or not you should always leave vision wards behind whenever you invade the enemy jungle so you can spot the enemies when they try to rotate on the map. Making sure that you and your teammates have all the information you need to play out the game safely gets you the W.

⦁ Ultimately you can roam up all the way to the mid lane and surprise the enemy mid laner with a 3v1 gank which has much more chances of succeeding with one more person involved from your team.

⦁ Ganking the top lane together with your jungler is also an option, though it’s not one that people opt to do because it takes too long to pull off and more often than not it’s not worth it. You’d have to recall and then walk all the way through the lane in top lane to sneak into one of the bushes so you can surprise the enemy top lane. The reason people don’t go for this too often is that it takes too much time and you usually lose more than you gain by doing a gank like this.

⦁ Finally, the last thing you can do is stay on the turret and call your jungler down to help you pull off a turret dive which if successfully done can yield not just kills but turret damage as well. Be careful though, pulling a dive is quite hard to execute and it takes a lot of practice. There are a lot of LoL videos out there of turret dives that went horribly wrong and the game was lost.

Following this LoL guide and implementing it in-game will surely bring your support play on another level and whether the enemy has picked your LoL counter or not, won’t matter too much when you’re able to affect other parts of the map getting your teammates ahead making their carry duty much easier.

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