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Laning Phase 101: How to farm and position as ADC

Playing on the level of a god-tier LoL ADC is often somewhat of an art because it doesn’t largely depend on the League of Legends meta, League of Legends champions you pick or the League tier list of ADC champions. Of course, in every different meta it’s beneficial to play the champion whose LoL build naturally takes him in the direction of the most OP items in that patch but even if you don’t follow the current LoL tier list of most OP champions for ADC you can still manage to dominate games, especially if you have mastered the essential mechanics of playing as an ADC.

Mastering of Essential Mechanics For ADC

If you want to be good at League of Legends, in general, you have to have good mechanics that will allow you to be in a league above your opponents especially if you’re looking to dominate as an ADC. In order to become a god-tier LoL ADC player one of the most crucial things you need is to master farming in the laning phase. Farming will get you gold which will allow you to buy items and become stronger as the game progresses. Being able to outfarm your opponent will give you the much-needed advantage to win fights for your team so it’s a skill that needs to be honed to the maximum. 

Farming is a skill that is always equally important regardless of the current meta champs or the ADC meta so we decided to share some tips that can help you become better at farming during the laning phase.

  • Farming well requires focus and focusing on your farming will instantly improve your CS score especially if you set a goal to not miss any minions that come your way in the lane.
  • We all know the saying: “Practice makes perfect” and it’s applicable to farming as well. The more you practice farming on any of the LoL champions the better you’ll be at it and eventually it’ll become the easiest thing in the game. 

Higher elo and LoL pro players are able farm about 40-45 minions by the fifth minute of the game and around 90-100 minions by the tenth minute so this is the number you should aim to get to if you want to get to the items needed for your pro build as fast as possible.

The second very important mechanic you need to become a great ADC player is to learn how to kite your opponents. Kiting is actually moving in between your auto attacks, for example, instead of just standing still while the enemy is running towards you, you are running away from him/her and sneak in an auto-attack every second or so. While this example is when you’re being attacked, kiting can be used even when you’re the one chasing down your opponents. Kiting is also very useful against LoL champions that have a lot of skill shots because it’s much harder to get hit by them if you’re constantly moving around. Kiting, just like farming requires practice, focus, and patience to master so don’t be frustrated if you don’t get it on the very first try.

Kiting is an excellent skill and it’s almost always better to kite around the fight than to stand still and shoot but if your champion has a very high attack speed and you see that no one is targeting you in the fight it might be better for you to stand and shoot.

The third extremely important mechanic you need to learn to become a god-tier LoL ADC is where to position in the lane in order to get the most out of your LoL champion. This is probably the hardest one to master because there are a lot of different scenarios and it’s not easily practiced in the practice tool. It depends on a lot of variables like the LoL meta, the champion you are playing, the support that is with you in the lane, the positioning of their jungler and other laners, if the enemy is playing your LoL counter or not and so on. It’s best practiced by playing a lot of games and gaining experience of the game and a feel of the champions you’re playing but there are some general tips we have for you that will help you out when starting out.

  • Constantly think about where the enemies are and what you need to dodge in order to stay safe. Example: If the enemy support is a Blitzcrank you need to be mindful of his hook that can grab you and deliver you to the enemy ADC and you’ll get killed very fast. In this case, you have to maneuver and stay behind your own minions so that the hook can’t get you. 
  • Know your lane matchup, whether it’s a lane that you can go forward and fight your opponents or you have to hang back and play more passively in order to survive the enemy’s onslaught. 
  • If a 2v2 fight breaks out, make sure you’re not chasing forward to hit the enemy ADC while their support and minions are killing you, it’s often better to hit the closest enemy while kiting backward than it is to chase after the low health enemy ADC and end up dying before you can deal the final blow. Of course, if both targets are in your range, you should focus the enemy ADC, especially if he’s low on health and you can kill him in a few auto attacks.

Playing laning phase as an ADC

The way you should play in the laning phase will depend a lot on what you picked during champion select. If you have an ADC that has a longer range than the one picked by the enemy, you might benefit from playing aggressive and position slightly forward so that you can sneak in an auto-attack when the enemy comes close to the farm.

You also need to think about what your support offers in terms of spells, CC, heals, shielding and damage. If you’re playing with support that offers a lot of damage it’s advantageous for you to harass your opponents waddling down their health bars which will make them lose on the farm. 

The play style you adopt is different from game to game but some of the most important things you shouldn’t forget are:

  • Farm to the best of your abilities – even if you’re in a lane where you have a longer range than your opponent, if you have to make a decision between auto-attack on the enemy or killing a minion, always opt for the minion because it’s worth gold. 
  • Make sure you have wards that will spot incoming ganks by the enemy jungler or mid laner and if you suspect that the jungler might be around your part of the map, don’t play too aggressive. 
  • Playing in the bot lane as an ADC means that you’re playing with another person that is supposed to help you out in the lane but that’s not always what happens so if your support is having a bad game and does something that gets you behind, stay cool and focus on your part instead of getting frustrated and flaming.

Following these few guidelines that we laid out for you will definitely get you on the right path to becoming god tier LoL ADC player, just make sure you’re persistent and try not to get frustrated when it isn’t going well.

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