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League of Legends 2021 – Finals

lucian worlds 2021

Hello Summoners! We can finally see the end of Worlds with only a Best of 5 left. Then we’ll know who is the winner of Worlds 2021 Finals, which will get a new line of skins.

Saturday: DK (LCK) vs EDG (LPL)

If you want to read about the Semi-finals you can click here!

The winner of this year will receive an incredible prize of almost 500 thousand US dollars. As well as the Winner’s Cup, and a special ring. The loser will be a little behind with a little over 300 thousand US dollars.

The match will be a best of 5. Each team has their preferences of playstyle and champion pool, so let’s see what they’ve got:

DK fought hard against T1 and won 3-2.

Game 1 – DK Win
Lucian – Top, Lee Sin – Jungle, Leblanc – Mid, Jhin – ADC, Maokai – Support.

Game 2 –  DK Loss

Graves – Top, Xin Zhao – Jungle, Leblanc – Mid, Draven – ADC, Alistar – Support.

Game 3 – DK Loss

Lucian – Top, Jarvan IV – Jungle, Syndra – Mid, Miss Fortune – ADC, Maokai – Support.

Game 4 – DK Win

Gragas – Top, Qiyana – Jungle, Leblanc – Mid, Jhin – ADC, Rakan – Support.

Game 5 – DK Win

Graves – Top, Talon – Jungle, Zoe – Mid, Ziggs – ADC, Rakan – Support.

ShowMaker (Mid of DK) has played Leblanc really well, and showed a secret pick of Zoe on the last match. We can also see that Ghost (Adc of DK) has some hidden cards too with the Ziggs in the adc position. Who knows what surprises they can bring to the Finals of Worlds 2021.

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