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League of Legends 2021 – Finals

lucian worlds 2021

EDG also finished 3-2 on their match against Gen.G

Game 1 – EDG Win

Jax – Top, Jarvan IV – Jungle, Orianna – Mid, Lucian – ADC, Nami – Support.

Game 2 – EDG Loss

Graves – Top, Jarvan IV – Jungle, Ryze – Mid, Jinx – ADC, Lulu – Support.

Game 3 – EDG Loss

Gwen – Top, Jarvan IV – Jungle, Victor – Mid, Lucian – ADC, Nami – Support.

Game 4 – EDG Win

Kennen – Top, Jarvan IV – Jungle, Zoe – Mid, Lucian – ADC, Nami – Support.

Game 5 – EDG Win

Graves – Top, Jarvan IV – Jungle, Ryze – Mid, Jhin – ADC, Leona – Support.

Jiejie (Jungler of EDG) feels pretty confident with his Jarvan IV performance, because he played all games with it. The bot lane has a lot of experience with the combo of Lucian and Nami which is pretty strong right now. But Scout (Mid of EDG) hasn’t shown us a consistent pick, it feels like he’s testing a lot during the matches.


DK has been banning Lucian a lot when they don’t have the priority pick, so we probably won’t see the famous duo bot of EDG. And EDG focus their bans on utility champions that do well on teamfights, like Kennen and Yuumi.

That’s it for today, let us know in the comments your predictions of Worlds 2021 Finals and who do you think will win!

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