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League of Legends Anti-Feeder Guide – Stay Calm and Win It!

league of legends anti feeder guide

Hello Summoners! In our League of Legends Anti-Feeder Guide, we will give tips on how to stay calm in games, what to do against feeders and how to raise your team’s morale.

In League of Legends, your team can sometimes consist of players who’s having a bad day or had less game knowledge than you. There’s a saying among the soldiers in ancient times: “If your hand still holds a sword, you have not lost the battle yet.” That’s why you should always keep your morale high and fight without giving up. In such cases, we have suggestions on how to proceed. So let’s start!

Positivity at all times

  • No we are not meditating, yes we need to keep the spirits high. In the champion selection phase and right before the game starts; you can say hi and wish good luck. This may cringe you now, however it will definitely affect the overall energy and will create a positive impact on the game.
anti feeder league of legends

Congratulate your team mates

  • Feel free to congratulate your teammates when they have played well. When someone wins a trade with an opponent, or multiple kills, etc., just congratulate them with uplifting and encouraging words such as. “WP!”
  • Feeling your support, your teammates will concentrate more and will not be easily demoralized.

When things go wrong, console your team

  • Sometimes things don’t go the way you want in League of Legends. You may lose some battles or trades. You may be faced with many similar negative factors. But keep in mind that things can always get better as long as your Nexus is in place.
  • When your teammates try to help the team out but fail, you can keep morale high by saying “Nice Try! (NT)”. A simple reaction, yet it’s effective.

If there’s a flamer in your team

  • When a player is always angry and prone to demoralizing you and your team, first warn them not to do such things and try to change the tide.
  • If this player still has bad words and continues to lower team morale, mute them. Advise your teammates to mute them too. Constantly replying them with the same negative vibe will never do good for anyone. That player will tilt everyone and cause a loss of in-game focus if not ignored.
  • In such cases, this could go to the point of defeat. That’s why you should mute the demoralizing players, continue your best efforts and show your determination throughout the game.

Get on with your team, focus on your game

  • Standing alone against a team that fights together is like rowing against the current: No matter how strong you are, the more you blame everything else, the current prevails.
  • Therefore, never get into a quarrel with the players in your team and try to soften the atmosphere in a short time, even if you are not the subject of the quarrel.
  • Don’t let team comms discussions affect your game, demoralize you and negatively affect your performance. Always focus on your game.

DO NOT Bully, blame, demoralize

  • Do not get involved with or respond to negative behaviors.
  • Remember how you feel when you fall back, get depressed, or your team bully you: Do not let anyone live through those feelings, report those who make people feel like useless.
  • We always talked about how to control the taunting actors, but change starts with the person. Everyone has bullied or blamed someone in League of Legends, even once in their life. It is time to put these behaviors aside and focus on the game. Think of it like this; you allocate 20-40 minutes of your time to a game. Of course, you would like to spend this time in the most enjoyable way. So instead of saying things like ‘I’m inting, nothing happens from this team, mid-open’, try your best and try to enjoy the game even if you lose.

Don’t bet on things you’re not sure about

  • We don’t need to tell you to try to improve your game knowledge. But nobody is perfect. To become an anti-feeder, first of all, it is necessary to correct the mistakes you strongly think is right. For example, when your teammate tells you that your runes or items are wrong, it will be more beneficial for you to learn what is missing and improve your game knowledge instead of arguing with them. Or vice a versa.
  • Nobody knows the best of everything. So instead of arguing on who has the most game knowledge during the game, you can make some good suggestions and try to help your teammates. But this should not become a matter of debate.

Make friends with players you enjoy playing with

  • You can get more valuable things out of some lost games. You may lose a match because you have the worse team or because you got unlucky. Sometimes such situations can be turned into an advantage.
  • In defeat, not everyone in the team is a bad player. Sometimes we can even find our best premades in lost matches. Add anti-feeder players like you that you can agree with and share the love for the fun of it at the end of the match. This will increase your gaming experience.

Intentionally feeding, giving up

  • Winning isn’t everything, losing is part of the game. However, fighting against your own team and supporting the opponent harms the competitive spirit. Do not give up even if you fall behind, always show that you do your best even if you are defeated. Become an anti-feeder.
  • As we said before, you play this game for pleasure and to win. But there will always be games that you will lose. Do not ever intentionally feed in such situations. Remember that lessons in life are learned at the worst times. You can detect your mistakes and turn your losses into profit by watching a game you think you played badly afterwards.
  • You can learn from your mistakes and fight better in the next games. Do not forget that we learned to walk by constantly falling.

Guide new players, give a hand

  • Remember the excitement of the first days you stepped into the Summoner’s Rift. Don’t be a wall in front of the beginners; be the hand they will reach out when they fall down. Now it’s your turn to lead!
  • You may notice some players’ game information is lacking, they may go for some strange item choices, etc. In such situations, you can try to guide them instead of challenging them.

This is the end of our League of Legends Anti-Feeder Guide ! Don’t think that even if you do these things, other people won’t. Start with yourself and try to change your environment. Share this article with your friends and help make Summoner’s Rift a better competitive environment.

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