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League of Legends Season 10 placement guide

The Season 10 we’ve all been looking forward to has finally begun. After a great season of 9, it is possible to say that we have a great ranked season again with updates. So what should we do to start League of Legends Season s10 placements at a good division and finish it in a better rank?  The answer is below, by SenpAI.

1) Play Your Best Role

We can’t say that everyone has set the main role since the start of the game. Even professional players changing their roles season to season. But choosing the main role you feel the most comfortable in, is important in terms of victorious games.
Champions differ in every role can be played within the game. In a role where you are not dominating, you can give your opponent an unwitting advantage. Because you may not know the mechanics of that role and the lane itself. For example, although they are usually playing in the same lane, the gameplay of support and ADC roles is completely different. And you may have difficulty adapting to the other. That’s quite normal. So if you have a role to consider developing yourself, we recommend that you work on it in normal games.
The role where you perform at your best is the role you play the best. Because you learn the requirements of that role, the matches, what you can do and what you shouldn’t, the champion advantage and disadvantage, getting into position and much more. Probably, because of the hundreds or even thousands of matches you’ve played in this role, that information is etched into your mind and you feel you’re playing in a more comfortable way while effecting your placement games.


2) Play Best Tier Champions

LoL is a game that is updated almost every week. These updates contain various buffs and nerfs on items, champions, and the Summoner’s Rift. So it’s important to follow the updates, know the strong champions and items.
Choosing the strong champions of the meta makes you play comfortable games. The champion’s skill set and the features it provides can be effective in bringing him to the fore. Choose the champions who can help you most to outmaneuver your opponents. Note that it is quite difficult to win games by selecting off-meta champions. By following, you can quickly climb the ladders of ranked divisions.

3) DUO with Similar MMR

League of Legends has already taken precautions against increased “boost” cases recently. There are serious precautions such as not being able to play with friends who are 2 digits higher than your own rank and perma account bans.
But this is not the part we will discuss on. Make sure your friend’s MMR is close to yours before playing ranked matches together. You never know for sure, because this information has been hidden by Riot Games. You can only guess by their rank and gameplay.
The point is, when you play someone with a higher MMR than your own, the matchmaking system matches the player with a higher MMR. The ratio of players who have not yet reached those levels to win the matches they play is quite low. For players who want to climb faster in ranked, it’s best to have a teammate close to you or someone with the same MMR so they can maximize their chances. This allows you to play your game at the best level, both psychologically and as a player.

4) Don’t DUO with Lower MMR

Just as you shouldn’t be playing with someone with a higher MMR, you shouldn’t be queue up with someone with a lower MMR than yours for League of Legends season 10 placements. Because your friend may not have reached your level of play. Someone whose knowledge of the game is not as high as yours will probably pull the team back. It can also cause your game ends up with a defeat. Players who wish to climb up quickly in the ranking must play ranked matches with players close to their own MMR point.

5) Read Patch Notes

Patch notes are very important posts where updates to the game are announced. This allows you to learn about many news such as item changes, champion updates, and balances. If you follow them, you will learn about the strong item builds strong champions, advantageous jungle rotations for champions and advantages that you can get against the enemy champions. Knowing them will affect your game in a good way. It will help you to improve your personal development and ranking up quickly in LoL Season 10 placement games.

6) Stay Calm

First of all, remember that League of Legends is a game and the main goal is to have fun. Not everyone may be as talented as you are. Anyone can make mistakes, anyone can lose their internet connection. Everyone may not know the game as well as you, and everyone has bad days. For these reasons, using harsh words against your teammates is not going to make them play well. If someone on your team is unable to connect or play badly in the early phases of the game, you should not insult or “flame”.
You have to focus more on the game to support your teammates. That will make them strive for the game as well. It will enhance the in-team communication and increase your chances of winning. In this way, you can focus more on the enjoyment part of the game and the thrill of the challenge.

7) Use SenpAI

SenpAI is an AI platform enhancing esports experience of competitive gamers and providing personalized coaching to esports players. Analyzes your League of Legends matches and gives you data; such as what you need to do, your mistakes, your minion score per minute and shows you how to improve to the professional rank. Gives information about strong champions and items that vary from meta to meta. SenpAI offers video guides from the games of the league’s professional players, along with ability, rune set, laning and champion guides.
Have luck with your Season 10 LoL placement matches summoners!
Unleash your potential, try SenpAI today!

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