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League of Legends Tanks: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Playstyles

Hello Summoner and welcome to the post on League of Legends Tanks. The previous posts under this series covered Marksmen, Assassins, and Mages. If you haven’t seen them, you should check them out.

In League of Legends, Tanks are regarded as the Frontline of a team. They fit into this role because of their ability to soak up damage. These types of champions are found in the Top, Jungle, and Support roles.

While they excel at sustaining damage without dying, they lack any form of burst damage. Just as other champions gave up health and tankiness for damage, Tanks gave up damage for health and resistance.

League of Legends Tanks: Strengths

Require Little Gold to Function

Although gold is still every bit as important to these champions, they can still function with little of it. The reason is that League of Legends Tanks have kits that provide Crowd Control and Peel.

With kits like theirs, you will always be useful to the team in one way or the other.

League of Legends Tanks - Dr Mundo

Excel at Soaking up Damage

League of Legends Tanks are good at shrugging off damage and surviving where other champions die. The reason is that they have higher armor, magic resist, and health pool compared to other champion classes.

Some champions under this class have increased defenses, others have increased health pool and regeneration. However, they all fulfill their roles well.

Strong against Assassins

Since assassins rely on dealing burst damage to quickly take down an opponent. However, since tanks have huge health pools and high armor/magic resistance, assassins cannot burst them down quickly enough.

In fact, with the right items, a tank can easily shrug off any damage an assassin unloads.

League of Legends Tanks: Weaknesses

Low Damage

Tanks generally don’t deal huge damage in fights because of their kits which are designed for optimal survivability. However, this does not mean tanks can’t kill enemy champions on their own. The damage difference only shows when you compare it with other champion classes.

Limited Mobility

Most tanks lack reliable mobility abilities. Picture them like juggernauts that might not move fast but cannot be brought down easily. While they can never match Assassins in mobility, Tanks have abilities that help them catch the enemy. 

These abilities include slows, roots, knock-ups, and stuns.

Weak against Marksmen

Marksmen provide DPS (damage per second) for the team due to their auto-attacks. They excel at kiting and whittling down enemies with high health and resistance. Once a marksman evades a tank’s initial engage, he/she is good to go.

League of Legends Tanks: Playstyle

Tanks have a couple of responsibilities to carry out for their team. Whether it is in the early, mid, or late game, the idea remains the same.

League of Legends Tanks - Malphite

Serve as Team’s Frontline

Due to their ability to soak up damage, tanks serve as the front line for any team. They absorb damage from the enemy team while their allies dish out damage.

Serve as Peel for Team Carry

Tanks also excel at peeling for the team’s backline (carries). All you have to do is try to keep the enemy aways from your carries.

Serve as Team Engage

All Tank-Supports have engage abilities that kickstart team fights. Other tank types have variations of engage abilities while champions like Ornn, Malphite, Amumu, etc, have full-blown engage abilities.

Wrapping Up

And that will be all for League of Legends Tanks, I hope you picked up something new from this post. For any questions and suggestions, feel free to post them in the comments section.

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