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LEC Match of the Week 4: MAD Lions vs Origen

After last season, everybody is keeping an eye on LEC. G2 might have won all LoL community’s hearth with their performance but all top EU teams considered elite and one of the best in the World. With the season’s start, analysts expected those same organizations from 2019 would resume being on top but there are some surprises on the ladder too. In other words, LEC keeps delivering and in this article, we are gonna look into the Match of the Week 3: MAD Lions vs Origen.

Origen, after their win against SK in LEC 2020 Spring Split.
Origen, after their win against SK in LEC 2020 Spring Split.

OG has a successful history but they are troubling to become the best. In 2019, although the team played really well, support and jungler role lacked in contribution thus team failed in both splits. OG kept their mid lane and top before the new season and created a much more strong roster for the Spring Split. Xerxe and Upset are undoubted upgrades over Kold and Patrick. The only question mark was Destiny, imported from OCE, but he kinda proved himself that he can be a top tier pro player in the LEC.

Origen created a solid identity last year and they’ve not changed it this year. In fact, this season the team plays much more by the book.  They are looking calm and collected this reflects on their gameplay too. Their average game time is 37.6 min. which is huge considering the state of the meta. OG plays slow and makes fewer mistakes. Their combined kills per minute stat is 0.56 which already proves that they are way too slow. The only team below them on this statistic is Vitality and they are at the bottom of standings.

OG Xerxe | LEC
OG Xerxe | LEC

OG tends to play slow early game but their first blood rate is %67. These stats tell us a different story. However, when we look at the first baron rate (%80) and wards places per minute (4.02), we can see how decisive and lethal they are. If OG sees an opportunity, they get cash on it. Why can they play freely this kind of style? The answer is vision. OG is the best team when it comes to the vision. Not only Destiny or Xerxe contribute to this, but Origen as a whole puts extreme importance to the vision and they are going to continue to reap the fruits of these efforts throughout the season.

MAD Lions, formerly Splyce, is the newest team in the LEC. The organization kept only Humanoid and filled the team with young and promising talents such as Carrzy and Shadow. Investing in Humanoid made sense but at the beginning of the 2020 season, there were questions about not only for star mid laner but also about the other four rookies too.

MAD Humanoid | LEC Week 2
MAD Humanoid

MAD doesn’t have a long and bright history, however, they are a very well known organization from Spain and they won EU Masters in 2019. So they have a “winning culture” on the ERL team. Splyce had been always a contender, their Worlds 2019 performance was stellar and when you think of it, keeping Humanoid and building a team around him was the right choice. This year MAD started the split with a loss to G2. However, they bounced back in week 3 and won both of their games. Suddenly MAD became a contender for 2nd place. Still, they have not faced most of the best teams in the LEC. This week is crucial for them because, after OG, they will face against Fnatic.

MAD has the highest average game time after Origen, with 36.5 min. It’s safe to assume that we will see the late game in this match up. MAD has a really impressive talent pool, but they are really a weak early game team. Just like Origen, they focus on objectives and gain advantages from them. They have second-highest first baron rate with 67%, third-highest dragon and Herald control rate with %59 and %50, respectively. MAD skirmishes decently but they depend on too much their carry performances. If Humanoid sucks, MAD sucks too. The same goes for Carzzy as well.

MAD Humanoid & MAD Shadow
MAD Humanoid & MAD Shadow

So what should we expect? We already said it will be a +30 min game. What else? Well, one thing is sure, whoever gets the W, it will be won by jungle difference. Each team has similar playstyles but Origen is the team that makes fewer mistakes. They both know how to punish and if MAD stays calm, they have a good shot to win. An Origen win is expected, but if MAD wins people wouldn’t surprise too much. When two slow teams clash, the game would be either explosive or boring. We hope that the competition will be fierce!

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