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LEC Match of the Week 6: Fnatic vs Misfits

Battle for the first place between Fnatic and Misfits starts today! LEC 2020 Spring Split is a wild ride for both of the teams and we are going to watch a very competitive game tonight for sure.

Although Misfits’s fairytale ended last week with Rogue game, there are still lots of hype towards this roster in the LEC. MSF had a seven games win streak till Rogue defeated them. Nobody expected them to perform, let alone winning seven games straight. However, they’ve become a very well-rounded team with a different approach to the game.

Misfits vs MAD Lions

We have to emphasize that, LEC has advanced so much in the last few years. There are four teams tied to the first place and MSF, a pretty bad roster on the paper, is the stand-out team among them.

With only Febiven being the veteran, MSF had questionable player choices but they managed to mesh well. Everyone thinks that MSF has a strong top side with a reliable bot duo, and they’ve shown that the game can be played top side focus too. Meta drives people to first play bot, then rotate the duo to the top to take Herald. MSF, on the other hand, is trying to play like this as much as they can but it’s not their priority. This is why they are a unique team and because they are playing their own style, MSF is contesting that sweet top spot of the LEC.

MSF Febiven

Both FNC and Misfits are good early game teams but when we look at stats, MSF is one step ahead. Their first tower rate is not that shiny but they are really aggressive about taking the first three towers, which opens up all possibilities in the Rift. Dan Dan and Razork fill that aggression void in the team splendidly while Febiven performing like a solid rock.

We have to add that Misfits really bad at warding. They sat in 7th place with 3.31 WPM, while Fnatic is the last place in this stat. MSF had bad late game stats but they really don’t need to play the late game. MSF has the 3rd shortest game duration in the league, only FNC and G2 are better from them.

FNC Rekkles and FNC Nemesis

FNC may look shaky but they’ve managed to win their both matches last week. Their improvement is visible. Although it feels like they are investing in the future with these players, FNC has the potential to win it all. In the OG game, they had a crystal-clear plan and the team implemented it really well. Having draft flexibility and surprise element on the top lane help the team a lot. We’ve not seen a Zac for nearly two years and Bwipo managed to get a win with it vs Rogue.

FNC Bwipo

When FNC drafts good, there is a good chance that they will win. So all will come down to who will draft better eventually. Both teams have a tendency to draft “unconventional” picks, such as Nocturne top and Rengar top. We expect that the game will end sub-30 minutes and although it’ll be competitive, it’s gonna be a stomp.

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