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LOL Patch 11.15 Notes: More Sentinels and New Skins!

LoL 11.15 Yama Notları - Akshan Geliyor!

We have got a new patch here and as usual, let’s take a look at the LOL Patch 11.15 Notes. Apart from some early sustain nerfs to certain champions and a buff to Hullbreaker, about three other champions got buffed.

Akshan the rogue sentinel will join the rift in this patch on the 22nd of July,2020. If you don’t know who the Sentinels are, check out this post where I explored their world. Finally, Riot has heard all of our complaints about the slow event. This patch features a new mission to hasten our progress!

Let’s go through the LOL Patch 11.15 Notes, you’ll find the complete details here.

LOL Patch 11.15 Notes

Champion Nerfs


E: Skip’n’Slash

  • Bonus Attack Speed: 40/50/60/70/80% ⇒ 20/35/50/65/80%


Q: Disintegrate

  • Damage Ratio: 80% AP ⇒ 75% AP


Base Stats

  • Health Regen: 4 ⇒ 2.5


Q: Blade of The Ruined King

  • Base Damage: 25/40/55/70/85 ⇒ 15/30/45/60/75
  • Bonus Damage against Monsters: 10 ⇒ 20
  • Healing From Damage Against Marked Minions 50% ⇒ 10%


Base Stats

  • Magic Resist 30 ⇒ 26


Q: Chain Lash

  • Detonation Damage: 60/115/170/225/280 (+80% AP) ⇒ 70/125/180/230/290 (+90% AP)

W: Kingslayer

  • Heal: 30/60/90/120/150 (+45% AP) ⇒ 25/50/75/100/125 (+40% AP)


W: Defiant Dance

  • Damage Ratio: 50% AD (150% AD maximum) ⇒ 40% AD (120% AD maximum)
  • Damage Reduction: 40%-80% physical damage, 20-40% magic damage (levels 1-18) ⇒ 40%-70% physical damage, 20-35% magic damage (levels 1-18)

Aurelion Sol

Q: Starsurge

  • Cooldown: 11/10/9/8/7 seconds ⇒ 12/11/10/9/8 seconds


E: Flay

  • Cooldown: 11/10.5/10/9.5/9 seconds ⇒ 13/12.25/11.5/10.75/10 seconds

Champion Buffs


Base Stats

  • Armor: 37 ⇒ 40

Q: Rocket Grab

  • Damage: 70/120/170/220/270 (+100% AP) ⇒ 90/140/190/240/290 (+120% AP)


Q: Piltover Peacemaker

  • Damage Ratio: 130/140/150/160/170% AD ⇒ 130/145/160/175/190% AD


E: Twin Fang

  • Base Empowered Damage: 10/30/50/70/90 ⇒ 20/40/60/80/100


Q: Thundering Shuriken

  • Damage: 75/115/155195/235 (+75% AP) ⇒ 85/130/175/220/265 (+80% AP)


W: Indestructible

  • Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10 seconds ⇒ 12/11/10/9/8 seconds
  • Stored Post-Mitigation Damage From Damage Dealt: 35% ⇒ 45%


Base Stats

  • Health: 545 (level 1) ⇒ 570 (level 1)
  • Health Growth: 85 ⇒ 95


W: Ferromancy

  • Cooldown: 13 seconds ⇒ 11 seconds


Q: Twin Bite

  • Cooldown: 9/8/7/6/5 seconds ⇒ 7/6.5/6/5.5/5 seconds
  • First Hit Damage Ratio: 25% AP ⇒ 35% AP (AD ratios unchanged)
  • Second Hit Damage Ratio: 15% AP ⇒ 25% AP (AD ratios unchanged)


Q: Dark Sphere

  • Cost: 60/65/70/75/80 mana ⇒ 40/50/60/70/80 mana


R: Featherstorm

  • Cooldown: 160/145/130 seconds ⇒ 140/120/100 seconds

Champion Adjustment


Passive: Junkyard Titan

  • UPDATED Heat Decay Bug Fixed: a bug where Rumble’s Heat would start decaying at inconsistent times instead of the intended 4 seconds
  • NEW Overheat Check: Rumble now immediately Overheats upon reaching 100 Heat, instead of having a short window where multiple spells could be cast before Overheating
  • UPDATED Shop Undo Bugfix: Rumble’s Heat no longer resets to previous values when undoing shop purchases
  • UPDATED Tooltip: Now correctly indicates Overheat duration of 5.25 seconds (actual Overheat duration unchanged)

E: Electro Harpoon

  • UPDATED Out of Range Bugfix: Rumble no longer stops moving when targeting Electro Harpoon at extremely long distances



This item has not been rewarding for champions with solitary playstyles. So the balance team decided to buff it up a little.


  • Boarding Party Bonus Resistances: 20-45 bonus armor and bonus magic resistance (level 9-18) ⇒ 20-60 bonus armor and bonus magic resistance (level 9-18)
  • Boarding Party Minion Bonus Resistances: 60-135 bonus armor and bonus magic resistance (level 9-18) ⇒ 60-180 bonus armor and bonus magic resistance (level 9-18)

Bug Fixes and QOL Changes

  • Recall sound effects now play for base Nautilus, Abyssal Nautilus, Subterranean Nautilus, Subterranean Nautilus, AstronNautilus, and Worldbreaker Nautilus.
  • Fixed a bug on Kayn’s E SFX where it made a popping noise when it looped.
  • Kayn’s global transformation SFX will now play for both allies and enemies.
  • Odyssey Kayn’s dance music is now form specific.
  • Kayn’s W on hit SFX is now form-specific.
  • Base Kayn’s recall SFX is now form-specific.
  • Kayn’s transformation SFX is now stereo for the local player.
  • Fixed a bug where Lillia’s Q – Blooming Blows movement speed did not scale off of AP from runes.
  • Nocturne’s Passive – Umbra Blades’ now correctly heals for the full amount against pets.
  • Illaoi’s Q – Tentacle Smash’s animation no longer locks if she inputs another command right after casting the ability.
  • Shaco’s Q – Deceive’s orange smoke VFX now correctly appears from the enemy’s point of view when cast through fog of war.
  • Kled and all his skins have one of his W voice lines restored.
  • Marauder Kled now correctly switches between his mounted and unmounted voice lines.
  • Viego will now respond to Shadow Isles voice interactions rather than Demacian.
  • Zoe’s taunt voice lines for Ezreal and Lux have been restored.
  • True Damage Senna’s unique skin voice lines have been restored.

New Skins

We have three new sentinels joining the fight against the Ruination. Although, Akshan the new champion is also a sentinel he has refused to join their cause for now. Another Champion is joining the Ruined Skin line and Unbound Thresh is now available as well.

The Sentinels (New)


Sentinel Graves



Sentinel Pyke



LOL Patch 11.15 Notes (Sentinel Rengar)



Miss Fortune

LOL Patch 11.15 Notes(Ruined Miss Fortune)



Cyber-pop Akshan


Unbound Thresh

LOL Patch 11.15 Notes(Unbound Thresh)


And that’s all for the LOL Patch 11.15 Notes, remember to go check out the full details. There, you’ll find the updates for Ultimate Spellbook, the full splash art for the skins, and their chromas.

See you on the Rift!

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