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LoL Season 10 ADC Tier List – Best ADC Champions for Ranked

With the start of season 10 just a few days ago there’s been some notable changes to the entire map, champions and items which made the meta develop and some champions stuck out as better than others to play in the solo queue now. So we are sharing with you the LoL season 10 ADC tier list of champions that are best for the current state of the game and you can easily climb the ranks of the solo queue ladder.

As an AD carry, your team depends on you to deal with the damage in team fights especially in the mid and late game when you’re fighting over objectives and turrets to gain control of the map. This is the reason you want to play a champion that can deal a lot of damage with his auto attacks and abilities while being at a safe distance so you’re not killed instantly by an assassin from the enemy team.

While there are a lot of champions that can fit the characteristics above there are a few that are uncontested and those are:

Miss Fortune – The Bounty Hunter

This champion has risen to popularity with the new patch and it’s the most contested pick in the current meta mainly because of the amount of damage she can put out in a team fight and that she can farm safely in lane without getting bullied too much. She has a pretty long range compared to other AD carries which keep her safe at a distance and not getting too poked.

Her kit is also great for the entire game as she has an AoE slow on her E which has a long-range, her Q is her damage spell that is single target one which bounces on impact to the target behind dealing more damage to the second target. It can be used for farming as well as harassing the opponent when he comes to last hit a minion. Her W is a passive movement speed increase whenever she’s isn’t attacked for a few seconds. It can be activated to gain the maximum movement speed and attack speed for a few seconds and it’s great for chasing down opponents or running away from them. Her R is a great team fighting tool that makes her jump to the top of this list. If positioned correctly, your ultimate can wipe out the entire enemy team during the channeling.

Another reason that this champion is on top of our s10 tier list is that her natural build path consists of the best AD carry items in the game and all of her abilities scale of AD and critical chance.

Overall she is strong at every point of the game, especially during mid to late game team fights where the enemy team is grouped.

Jinx – The Loose Cannon

The second pick for the season 10 ADC tier list is Jinx because of her long-range on her rockets and the way her natural build path makes her build the current overpowered items in the game for ADC’s. She can farm safely from a distance while she also has a way to get out of gank using traps and slowing her enemies with the zap.

Her kit relies on auto attacks mostly since her Q is her main damage spell and it’s a toggle between her minigun which is shorter ranged and her rockets which have longer range but slower attack speed. Her W is a long-range line skill shot that slows and damages the first enemy hit and her E is a trap that takes a second to become active and whoever steps on them get rooted in place for a few seconds. Her R is a long-range execute skill shot that she can fire across the map to kill enemies that are low on health.

The reason why Jinx is ranked so high and highly contested as a pick is that she’s a late-game hyper carry and with a few items and good support she can kill the entire enemy team by the amount of damage she puts out. After getting one kill on an enemy champion or a turret she activates her passive which gives her extra movement speed and attack speed which makes her a serious threat.

Overall she has a good early game as she can farm from a distance and avoid being harassed while she’s able to harass the enemy bot lane with her rockets. She’s strongest later in the game after getting a few items but still not a pushover in the early parts.

Caitlyn – The Sheriff of Piltover

Cailyn is another champion that is also great in all parts of the game because of her long-range and her champion kit. The only reason she isn’t ranked higher is that she doesn’t have a huge AoE ultimate that can damage the entire team in a team fight although she does more than enough with her auto attacks.

Her kits is one of the better ones for the early game as she has a great line skill shot ability that damages everyone it hits on her Q and a short dash as well as a slow to the first enemy hit on her E. Her W is a trap that activates after a second and roots enemies that stepped on it applying her passive which is a headshot that deals more damage and extends her range on her auto-attack. Her R is an execute spell that she can use to target an enemy from a very long range and deal lethal damage but the shot can be blocked if another champion stands in the way of the flying bullet.

Caitlyn also scales well with the best items for ADC on the current patch which is another reason why she’s on the list of best s10 ADC champions. Combined with her long-range auto attacks she can hit the enemy team from a distance making sure she’s safe and out of reach.

Jhin – The Virtuoso

A champion that scales perfectly with the best current ADC build and naturally wants to build critical strike and AD items. He is also a long-range ADC that can safely farm in the early game while being able to poke and unleash huge amounts of damage to the enemy team later on.

His kit consists of very long-range spells that keep him safe in the early game and allow him to deal damage as the game goes on. His Q is a bouncing grenade that can be used for farming and deals damage to 4 targets that are close to each other bouncing off of each. His W is a long-range straight line skill shot that roots enemy who was previously damaged by you or your allies. His E is an invisible trap that activates if someone steps on it and slows enemies in the radius exploding after a few seconds to deal damage. His R is a semi-global skill shot that can be shot 4 times critically striking on the last one and dealing tremendous damage on all shots while slowing the first enemy champion hit.

His passive allows him to get a burst of movement speed each time he critically strikes on an auto-attack which is why he can naturally build into the critical strike items that are extremely strong right now.

Overall he can stay relatively safe in the lane while being able to poke occasionally and provide assists using his auto attacks and W if a jungler decides to come for a gank. He’s definitely worthy to be on this s10 adc tier list of champions because of all the fine qualities he brings to the game.

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