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LoL Season 10 Mid Lane Tier List – Best Mid Champions for Ranked

Even though the Season 10 is barely upon us, there are always some champions that will stick out as ones that are better to play in a certain role because of the development of the meta, and those are the champions that will be on top of the Season 10 Mid Lane Tier List.

As the mid lane is probably the most important role of all, picking a strong mid lane champion that fits the meta and is able to help the other lanes while still being a factor in the laning phase is crucial for the entire team. Knowing which particular champion is strong in the meta is proven to be beneficial if you want to climb the solo queue ranks and eventually reach the challenger tier to play with the best in the region.

The champion alone won’t do you much good if you don’t put enough practice on it and learn the basic mechanics regardless if it’s one of the best S10 mid lane champions or not, so the list we provide below will give you an edge but the game has to be won by you and your team, using proper positioning, playing properly around objectives and fighting at the right times.

Diana – Scorn of The Moon

Diana is an assassin champion that had some changes to her ability kit recently and even though she was quite strong before the changes, after the rework she jumped up to be the most contested pick among the mid laners and has risen to the top of the S10 Midlane God Tier List.

Her kit allows her to stay relevant in the lane and have kill pressure because of the double dash she now has on her E, she has a decent wave clear on her Q and Passive while her W gives her some safety as it offers both shielding and damage. She can output a lot of damage to assist in a gank which is extremely relevant because the chances of a gank being successful depends on both mid laner and jungler. The damage she can do can surprise even the best mid laners because after hitting a champion with her Q, she can dash twice to them dealing huge damage. Her ultimate scales of AP and amount of enemies hit as well. It displaces the enemies around her, pulling them toward her and after a second deals, AP damage to an area around her based on the amount of AP and enemies pulled toward her.

It’s a pretty easy champion to play because her playstyle is straightforward and whether or not you should go in, it will mostly depend on whether or not you have an enemy marked with your Q.

Fizz – The Tidal Trickster

Another assassin champion that increased in popularity in the new season and climbed the S10 tier list of mid lane champions is Fizz. He’s an AP assassin that can make an enemy disappear in an instant if you manage to hit someone with your ultimate.

The kit Fizz has is also a reason for him being the second champion we are mentioning. He has a targeted dash on his Q that allows him to close the distance and a double dash on his E which he can use to both dodge a spell on the first cast and deal damage on his second cast. His W comes in handy as well but mostly for farming as it refreshes and refunds mana when you execute a minion with it while in fights against champions applies a debuff that cuts the healing of the opponent in half and increases the amount of damage he does in his auto-attacks. His ultimate scales off AP and distance so the further away you cast your ulti the more damage it will do. It’s a straight line skill shot that can only be stuck to champions and applies slow and damage after 3 seconds giving you enough time to close the distance to use your other spells.

Fizz is a good roamer as well because of the number of gap closers he has and the long-range ultimate, so helping out your team won’t be an issue if you’re playing this champion.

Fizz is a bit harder to play than Diana because of its E mechanics so use it wisely and save it for dodging skills mostly while dueling.

Swain – The Noxian Grand General

Swain is not an assassin like the previous two but he’s extremely strong in the mid lane because of his wave clear as well as sustain that his kit provides. His early game isn’t too strong although he has a pretty cool passive that allows him to pull enemies that have been hard CC’d either by you or by your teammate which makes him great to gank for and a reason plus that he’s on this Lol season 10 mid lane tier list.

His kit is quite strong although he can’t burst an enemy in an instant and in the early game he doesn’t have very high damage output as the game goes on he gains more and more power. His primary damage ability is his Q which deals damage in a cone in front of him. His W is a long-range spell that can be considered as semi-global and it reveals an area and detonates after a few seconds to deal damage and slow enemies. His E is a line skill shot that travels front and back and when returning roots the first enemy that it hits and his ultimate is a transformation which grants Swain increased health as well as healing from his passive and damages all enemies that are near him. After a short time, Swain can reactivate the ultimate to return to his normal form while blasting the nearby enemies for damage.

His ultimate makes him an excellent team fighter that can both deal large amounts of damage and tank a lot of damage and if you find yourself in the middle of 4 or 5 enemies with the proper items you can annihilate them all.

The playstyle for this champion is different than the previous ones we mentioned because you have to farm and get a few levels before you can deliver enough damage but you can always assist your team using your W to provide the vision of the enemy jungler or even snipe an enemy that escaped on low help.

Rumble – The Mechanized Menace

Rumble is another champion that should be played similarly to Swain because he’s not an assassin either but more of a control mage that flourishes a bit later in the game. He is on our list because he’s extremely useful in team fights while having a great wave clear and poke abilities in the early game.

His kit allows Rumble to constantly spam his abilities because they don’t require any mana but rather he uses heat which needs to be kept around 50 for the highest damage output. His main ability is his Q which spits fire in a cone for a few seconds once activated and he has his E to poke the enemy which is a line skill shot that can be fired twice. His W is a shield and a short speed boost that can keep him safe from an enemy gank and his ultimate ability is a skill shot that covers a large portion of the screen and deals huge damage to enemies hit and ones that stand on it.

This champion is a great team fighter especially in tight places in the jungle where you can cast your ultimate and hit all of the enemy champions with it.

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