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LoL Season 10 Tier Support List – Best Support Champions for Ranked

As the new season began a few champions became more dominant than others in the support roles because they have the right abilities and tankyness to protect their AD carry in the early game as well as the necessary tools to engage a fight later on in the game. A few have risen in popularity in the recent patch and we made a LoL season 10 support tier list of champions that you can play to make your climb on the ranked ladder easier.

As a support player, you want to pick a champion that will be able to protect his AD carry in the lane while simultaneously be able to turn around and quickly engage a fight surprising the enemy bot lane. The champion you want to pick should be tanky enough so he doesn’t die quickly when you engage and you need one that has the proper abilities for a surprise engage. There are a lot of champions that fit these demands in the League but the absolute best that you can abuse in solos queue are:

Braum – The Heart of The Freljord

A champion that is absolutely brilliant in his role because of his abilities and how tanky he is. He has what every support is looking for in a champion to protect his team. Definitely the top choice for the support role in the new season.

His kit is he’s ranked so high because he has everything support needs to help out his AD carry in the early game as well as provide the necessary support for the entire team later in the game. His Q is a projectile that slows the first enemy hit, dealing damage and applying a stack of his passive which marks the target to be stunned after 4 auto attacks by your entire team. His W allows him to close the gap between him and an allied champion and upon arrival, they gain resistances while his E is a shield that blocks the incoming damage of the first spell or attack completely while the following attacks have their effects reduced. His R is a great team fighting spell that creates a zone of frost in which enemies are knocked up on cast and later on slowed by a lot while standing in the zone.

He’s an absolute god in the support role and in the right hands he can carry an entire game by providing the much-needed support most AD carry champions need both in the early game and later on in team fights.

Overall he’s a great support that is almost unmatched in his role and the main reason why he’s ranked first on our s10 tier list for best support champions.

Leona – The Radiant Dawn

Another tank support that has a strong engage tools in her kit and she’s on this list because of how long she can keep an enemy under stun. Leona is definitely one champion that rivals Braum and people might prefer her over him depending on the play style of the support player.

Her kit is made for engaging a fight as her Q is an auto-attack that stuns the target for a few seconds while her E is a skill shot that attaches to the last champion hit and pulls Leona to him. Her W allows her to become tanky and not die instantly when she engages while her R is a long-range skill shot that offers hard CC to an area for a few seconds which means if she hits her entire combo properly the enemy won’t be able to react in any way and would die while under a stun giving you a man advantage at the start of the fight. Leona is quite strong during all parts of the game, though she struggles during the first levels against mage champions because they tend to harass her so she won’t be able to engage when she gets to level 3.

Overall a very good pick for the support role in the bot lane and very often seen even in pro play which is why she’s our second choice for the season 10 support tier list.

Thresh – The Chain Warden

A champion that is quite hard to play the right way but when mastered he’s an absolute menace in the support position. A great playmaker that allows you to make an important pick that will win you the game completely especially if it’s done in the later stages of the game.

His kit offers so much stuns, disruptions and slows that no other champion in the game has. His Q is a long-range line skill shot that hits the first enemy on its way and briefly stuns him while pulling him toward Thresh. He can reactivate the spell after a second to pull himself toward the enemy closing the distance and allowing him to cast his other spells. His W is a shield that he casts by throwing it on the ground and allies can click the lantern to get pulled to the position where Thresh is. His E is a short-range displacement spell that can either push away enemies or pull them in closer to you depending on the direction you cast it and his R is a spell that creates a box around thresh and enemies who cross the edges are damaged and slowed. Thresh is extremely useful at all parts of the game and depending on your accuracy with line skill shots he can destroy the enemy bot lane champions.

Overall, Thresh as a pick is definitely one of the best and the only reason why he isn’t ranked higher is that he’s not as tanky as the previous picks and he’s a bit harder to play as all of his spells are skill shots that can be easily missed. However, he’s more than worthy of putting on our best s10 support champions list.

Nautilus – The Titan of The Depths

Another tank champion that is great at engaging fights from the support position while being able to sustain a lot of damage before going down, allowing your team to try and win the fight for you. He is on our number four position but he shouldn’t be underestimated as a pick because in the right hands he is an extremely strong pick for the bot lane.

His kit allows him to engage a fight as he has a line skill shot on his Q that pulls the enemy and Nautilus toward each other letting him close the distance to use his other spells. His W is a shield that allows him to soak up some damage that will be thrown his way while also applying damage over time effect to the enemies around him. His E is an AoE spell that is cast around Nautilus damaging and slowing champions that are close to him and his R is a targeted spell that you can cast on an enemy and it will follow the enemy causing riptides in the earth causing enemies that are in its path to be knocked up in the air and when it finally reaches the target it deals damage and knocks him up as well. Nautilus is very strong in each part of the game although he’s not as tanky as Braum and Leona in the early parts and he’s a bit harder to execute which is why he’s ranked lower. His ultimate is also a single target spell that usually hits only the person that it’s meant for because it’s a relatively slow-moving ultimate.

Overall he’s a great bot lane support champion that shouldn’t be underestimated and he can provide a lot of support and protection for his AD carry as well as a lot of great support later on in team fights by disrupting enemy champions using his spells and auto-attacks. He deserves a spot on our list as one of the s10 support god tier list of champions to play in the bot lane.

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