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LoL Season 10 Top Lane Tier List – Best Top Lane Champions for Ranked

With the recent start of the new season in League of Legends, there are some changes to the meta and some champions have risen in popularity above others. In the top lane there aren’t too many changes from the previous season as a few of the same champions are highly contesting the top spots on our season 10 top lane tier list of champions.

As a top laner you need to pick a champion that can survive on his own without a lot of ganking because the top lane is the furthest part of the map and not many junglers are willing to spend their time there. The champion you pick needs to be a good duelist and be able to go in and win trades against the enemy. While there are a lot of champions that can do this there are a few that are best at it and those are the following:

Renekton – The Butcher Of The Sands

This champion is perfect for the top lane as he has everything a top laner needs to play up there because usually top laners are left alone. He isn’t very hard to play and offers a lot in team fights because of his kit. Everything about Renekton screams best top laner which is the reason we’re putting him first on our s10 tier list for top lane champions.

His kit offers everything, especially in the early game. His Q is the main damaging spell and the one that everyone is maxing and the reason is that after he reaches 50 rage his Q does more damage and heals him as well. His W is also a damage ability but it also stuns the target for a few seconds and his E is a dash that can be used twice if the first dash passes through an enemy minion or champion so you can cover a lot of distance. His R is a spell that affects him and he gains health, healing and an AoE damage around him while his rage bar is filling up really fast.

Everything about him is tailor-made to be a top lane fighter that has a really strong early and mid-game but he might fall off in the later stages against something like Nasus. He’s quite easy to execute and brings a lot to the team in every aspect of the game which is why he’s on our s10 top god tier list of champions.

Aatrox – The Darkin Blade

The second one that is an incredible top laner and you can easily climb the ranks if you learn how to play him properly is Aatrox. He’s often blind picked because he has a great kit that allows him to play against almost any champion in the League.

His passive allows him to heal himself and deal with bonus damage occasionally on his auto attacks which gives him a nice sustain in lane if the opponent is harassing you and his Q, which is his main damage ability, lets him return the damage if the enemy missteps and gets in range. His W is his CC ability which is a skill shot that stops at the first enemy hit and takes a few seconds to activate and pull the target in the center of the ability applying the displacement CC while his E is a short dash that allows Aatrox to reposition even while casting his Q. His R is similar to the one of Renekton where he transforms into a demon fearing nearby minions and getting bonus damage, movement speed, healing and if he gets a kill the ability lasts even longer.

Overall this champion has great dueling potential against any other champion in the League and when played right he can be truly powerful and unmatched in the top lane. The reason he’s ranked a bit below Renekton is that his main spell is a skill shot that takes time to get used to in order to hit it more often otherwise he would surely be ranked first on our best s10 top champions list.

Ornn – The Fire Below The Mountain

The third one we have is a tank that has an amazing ability to team fight as his kit is specially made for that. He’s the ultimate team-oriented champion because he can upgrade items for his teammates after reaching level 12.

His kit is also pretty good in the lane for dueling and assisting a gank as well. He has pretty good damage on his Q which is a straight line skill shot that is quite easy to hit and when paired with his E which is a dash with a knock up can be quite the combo. His W is a spell that is shot in a cone and whoever is hit by it gets a debuff called brittle which can be activated with an auto attack by Ornn and it deals extra damage and applies a minor displacement CC. His R is what makes him an invaluable asset in team fights as the game goes on because it is a long-range semi skill shot that has two parts. The first part passes through enemies and applies slow and brittle and the second part needs to be re-casted by Ornn in the desired direction and when it hits enemies they get knocked up and slowed even more. It can pass through all enemies so you can hit an entire team with this one and really turn the tide on the fight to your favor.

Overall Ornn is quite useful in all parts of the game although his strong side is team fighting later in the game which is the main reason he’s on our LoL season 10 top tier list of champions.

Kennen – The Heart of The Tempest

Kennen is bound to dominate the top lane this season because of how versatile he can be. The reason he is on our list is because of the different builds and play styles he can go for and adapt to the enemy top laner. He can be played as an AP mage which deals a lot of damage but also as an AD carry up in the top lane that can harass the enemy tank and split push his way to victory.

Even though he’s squishy he’s not an easy target to gank because of his champion kit. His Q is a straight line skill shot that does damage and applies a mark of the storm to the target hit and if you’re playing him as an AP mage this is your main ability. His W has both passive and active parts, his passive is dealing extra damage every few attacks and applying mark of the storm and his active is an Electrical surge that does damage and applies a mark as well. On every third mark, he stuns the enemy. His E is what makes him very elusive to ganks as he gains movement speed and can zap out from combat quickly but it can also be used aggressively because, when activated the E makes him able to pass through units and deal damage and apply a mark. His R is extremely good for team fighting because he creates a zone in which he deals a lot of AP damage to champions inside the circle and they can be hit up to 3 times. Every strike applies a mark that Kennen can activate to stun the enemy team.

Overall Kennen is not too hard to play although if you miss position in the lane or in fights the enemy team can instantly kill you because you’re not a tank. In the right hands, Kennen can be unstoppable and the reason he’s ranked last in this season 10 top tier list of champions is that even the smallest mistake can cost you and your team the game.

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